My First Runway Experience

For those of you out there who dream of the glitz and glamour of fashion shows and runway looks, I hear you. I dream of it. The rush to the finish line, the final adjustments, the crazy up-dos and seamless makeup. It’s exciting; it’s heaven. Read More

Baking with Brittany: Secrets to Flawless Skin

When you hear the term baking or cooking, you’d be forgiven for immediately thinking of food.

Well, makeup artists (and the drag community) have been using a method known affectionately as ‘baking’ for years; this technique essentially allows you to achieve a flawless Photoshop effect. Read More

Clear Skin Come At Me

I’m sharing with you four little things I do which can help get you one step closer to your best and healthiest skin. As there is a wealth of knowledge out there already on the internet, I thought I’d narrow it down to what I notice the difference with. Read More