Baking with Brittany: Secrets to Flawless Skin

When you hear the term baking or cooking, you’d be forgiven for immediately thinking of food.

Well, makeup artists (and the drag community) have been using a method known affectionately as ‘baking’ for years; this technique essentially allows you to achieve a flawless Photoshop effect.

‘Baking’ involves dusting a heavy coating of loose translucent powder underneath your eyes and over any areas you wish to highlight. The heat from your skin allows your foundation and concealer to set beneath the powder; after 5-10 minutes, you dust off the excess and you’re left with an extremely matt finish, popular on Instagram and other social media.

I tried ‘baking’ for myself and I LOVED this technique! It extended the longevity of my foundation (which lasted all day!) and I’m a sucker for that flawless, air-brushed look.

Baking with Brittany - Secrets to Flawless Skin2

Step 1

Start off with a clean base. Have your skin exfoliated prior to any makeup application to remove any dead skin. It is important to moisturise as there will be a lot of powder applied to the skin.

Baking with Brittany - Secrets to Flawless Skin3

Step 2

Have your foundation and cream contouring and highlighting already applied. I’ve used MAC Studio Fix Fluid in NC40 as my foundation, MAC Pro Long Wear Concealer in NC30 as my highlight and Maybelline Fit Me Concealer in Shade 30 for my contour.

Baking with Brittany - Secrets to Flawless Skin4.jpg

Step 3

With a damp beauty blender, apply a generous amount of powder on top of your highlight. I’ve used a damp Real Techniques blending sponge to press the powder into the skin and my Laura Mercier ‘Loose Setting Powder’ in Translucent. Allow it to ‘cook’ on the skin for 5-10 minutes.

Baking with Brittany - Secrets to Flawless Skin5.jpg

Step 4

Wipe off the powder with a large fluffy brush after it has cooked on the skin. Apply your bronzer/contour, illuminator and blush to complete the base. Setting it with a setting spray is optional. I’ve used MAC Fix Plus to create a dewy finish.

And that’s it! Super simple for striking results.

Brittany Antonio

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