Blogger Brunch with Bonnie Gillies

Last week the Australasian College Broadway hosted a brunch with special guest Bonnie Gillies aka Oz Beauty Expert. With particular reference to her online blogging experience, Bonnie covered everything from social media tips to working with brands and networking, followed by a gorgeous morning tea featuring adorable scones, finger sandwiches and fresh fruit.

Students had the opportunity to sit in on the interview, ask their own career and industry related questions and chat with Bonnie individually; a lot of selfies were taken together.

Bonnie New

It was such a pleasure to speak with Bonnie about her experience and valuable industry tips. While successfully finding a niche for herself and her brand, she remains genuine and humble. Confidence is an important thing in the fashion world, and Bonnie wears it comfortably, sure of where she’s heading and honest about how to get there; it was a huge learning experience for everyone in the room.

One of the best pieces of advice I took from the interview was to never assume you know everything. Bonnie emphasised how important it is to remain open to other ideas, interpretations and techniques. It allows for creativity and originality to flow through your work.

To hear more of Bonnie’s awesome advice and industry experience, check out the video above!

Rachel x

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