How Long Should You Keep Skincare Products?

We’ve all seen the articles telling us how long you should keep your makeup for – usually bowing our heads in shame for having that 12 month old mascara that should have been used in 3. But have you considered how long you ought to have your skincare before it needs to hit the bin? Look no further, the answers wait below!

Cleanser: 1 year

Toners: 6 months – 1 year

Moisturisers & Serums: 6 months for jars, 1 year for others

Lip Balms: 1 year

Sunscreen: 1 year

Shampoo: 2 years

Remember that the more natural ingredients a product contains, the faster it will deteriorate.

Your biggest indicator, and often the first noticeable, is by smell. If the scent of your product alters in any way, it means the ingredients have started to turn. Get that thing in the bin and stop putting it on your face!

If you notice the product has changed texture and/or consistency – such as runny or lumpy – it’s a fair indication that it has gone off.

There you have it, we’re off to clean out our cupboards now!

Rachel x


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