Spring Carnival Runway: Blogger to Runway Model

It was a night all about the style and glamour of the Races. All of the trends seen on the grass were on show – white lace, florals and gold. As a collaboration of all faculties – beauty, makeup and hair – the TAC’s Spring Carnival Runway event showcased some of the college’s most incredible work.

The show included four main looks inspired by the fashion of the Races: Floral, Black & White, Cocktail and Champagne. Hair held main focus and looks were created with hats and fascinators as inspiration. Netting and fans, waves and braided locks were trending on the runway. Gold and floral accessories were also favourites of the evening. With the room decked out with green turf, it truly felt like a day at the races at The Australasian College.

I started the day ready to cover it all from a front row seat. Like always, however, not everything goes to plan. At 11:40 the night before, a model cancelled for the event. Fortunately for the college, I happen to fit a size 8 garment. I fit the dress. I was the new model. Cue: freak out mode.

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy runway shows. I love the excitement; the organised chaos. However, I’m usually the one painting faces – not sitting there being made up. This was going to be a whole new experience.

I sat down at 12pm to begin hair. Unfortunately for my hair dresser, my hair doesn’t co-operate well. While some may think silky, straight hair is a blessing, it’s also the bane of my existence when it comes to styling. Nevertheless, we got there. My artist did an incredible up-do combining plaits, gutter guard and gold hair spray. Creativity and intuition are the norm here.


Makeup was a breeze. I sat down and enjoyed my 30 minutes of face pampering – there really is nothing better than having someone do your makeup. The look for the night was a glowy, day makeup. A little depth to the eyes with lots of lashes; simple nudes and pops of pink and orange on the lips; gorgeous bronze and highlighted skin. Key makeup looks that have appeared during this year’s Spring Racing Carnival season!


After hair and makeup prep, and pizza for lunch, the fifteen models (including yours truly) gathered backstage as the guests and VIPs started to arrive. There was a bit of staring at phones and quiet chatting. My nerves weren’t quelled by the slow increase of voices on the other side of the wall.


Then came the next hurdle I hadn’t considered –dressing. Everyone changes in the one room. In front of everyone. This wasn’t a revelation for me – it’s just that last time I was the one on my knees moisturising a girl’s leg as someone else helped her get a dress over her head. This time it was me having to strip in front of everyone. I found a little corner and got it on myself. Thank God I didn’t have anything complicated – some of the models had three people trying to dress them!


Then it was time. The music started and the walk began. I managed to do the three steps onto the stage in heels – I practiced that in rehearsal. I strutted my most confident strut – all while counting how many steps I’d taken to get to the front, counting five seconds to pose, concentrating on an elegant turn and back off the runway. My spotlight was over. What. A. Relief.


The remainder of the evening passed by in a blur of photos and mingling. The TAC media wall was a hustle of dresses and people. Models, designers from Raffles College, Hair and Makeup Artists alike were snapped away at.

I had the pleasure of chatting with one of our VIPs Ash Quinn of Oz Product Junkie. She was full of industry insight and an all-round beautiful person. You can look forward to an interview exclusive to TAC soon!


The Spring Carnival Runway event was something special to be a part of. Even when it took a rather unexpected turn – I still found the experience something to behold. It’s not every day you get to watch such talented people working. I loved looking around and observing each person as they went through their process. Everyone works slightly differently. Everyone has their own style. It certainly showed on the runway, yet each had their own incredible outcome. I looked around in awe of what these girls had done.



If you want to be a part of the next TAC event – and enjoy the glitz and glamour in the crowd – be sure to hit up the Facebook page for notifications of the next big thing!

Rachel x

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