The Rundown of a Fashion Shoot

I recently joined a group of TAC students as they experienced firsthand what goes on at a fashion shoot. It was an incredible collaboration between the Australasian College Broadway and Raffles College of Design and Commerce. High fashion and super chic, the students were in the thick of it and gaining real industry experience. If you’ve ever been curious as to what goes on behind the scenes of a shoot, look no further. I’ve compiled how things go down on a given day.

Arrive: Head upstairs to prep room. Set up kit for models to arrive. Ensure everything required is easily accessible and neatly organised. Run over brief with Shoot Supervisor.

Models Arrive: Seat models and prep skin. Begin base and eye makeup. Hair artists begin prepping hair for up-style. Communicate with other artist and Shoot Supervisor to ensure hair and makeup are on track for style and image look and feel.

Lunch: Half an hour break. Gather the essentials for touch ups, prepare to move upstairs to shooting studio.

Shoot Prep: Take touch-ups kit upstairs. Communicate with photographer and Shoot Supervisor, view test shots and make any changes to design if necessary.

Shoot Begins: Stand by, constantly evaluating whether touch-ups are needed. Communicate with photographer as to how design looks through camera, ready to jump in between takes if needed.

Be present at garment changes – hair and makeup is often affected and needs fixing.

End of Shoot: Ask models if they want their hair and makeup removed or altered to wear home. Pack up kit; tidying area and cleaning surfaces you have worked on. Ask if other departments (photographer; designers etc.) require any assistance.

Double check you have everything you came with. Be sure to thank and say goodbye to everyone on set including models.

When things go to plan, shoots flow easily and a well organised run sheet is essential. Ensuring that you get along with everyone, communicate effectively and act promptly to fix any issues can lead you to more opportunities in the future.

The TAC students who created the hair and makeup looks for Raffles photoshoot have already been offered more opportunities working with people they met on set, proving that a positive impression and motivated attitude can assist you in forging your way into an industry you love.

Check out more of the behind-the-scenes fashion photos on our Instagram!

Rachel x

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