You’re Taking a Gap Year – What Now?

So schoolies is over. The year is coming to an end. Work break up parties are kicking off and everything seems to be winding down for 2015. What now?

“Next year” is in that weird bracket of being both a while off and also on your doorstep. When everyone is asking you what’re your plans for the future it’s all too easy to cushion yourself with the same old response: “I’m taking a Gap Year”. But what does that mean?

Here are three things you can use your gap year for to get the most out of the 12 months.

1. Learn who you are as an adult.

Once school finishes, the old routine that you became accustomed to for 13 years is out the window. There isn’t anyone running after you chasing up assignments, no parental forms required to go on excursions. For the first time, you have authority over yourself. This is the year to learn how far you want to stretch your wings. Some people choose do so by packing up and heading to the other side of the world. That’s awesome! You don’t have to jetset off to America, however, to find adventure. You can choose a sport or hobby, create a blog, volunteer for organisations or charities you care about. The list is endless.

2. Get a job.

If you want to take the year off before university, there’s still a whole 12 months to up your qualifications and learn a skill that you might not have a chance to follow up with later on. It’s the perfect time to try something different. Find something you’re passionate about or explore your creative side. There are a ridiculous amount of industries and jobs out there that you could dip your toe into. You might go part time in retail, full time in admin or casual as a party entertainer! Now isn’t the time to be serious and settle down in a career. Have fun and keep learning more skills! Meet people who can teach you new things and find a new niche! It could lead to something amazing.

3. Explore then decide.

Everyone knows that gap years help to clear your head. There are two kinds of students who leave school – those who know their dream job and have a path to get there, and those who have no idea which path to take at all. Neither of these are bad things! If you are feeling a little unsure, overwhelmed or confused at this point, a gap year is the best option. In fact, it’s your very own opportunity to trial multiple paths. Have you always wondered what it could be like working in the fashion industry? Do you have a passion for cooking, web design or make-up? Now is the time to explore your interests; the world is your oyster!

Are you taking a gap year in 2016? How are you planning on spending it?

Rachel x

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