Dry Body Brushing For The Summer

Hands up who takes care of their face and forgets about the rest of their body? It’s OK, I do it to too. It seems like a bigger job because, let’s face it, it’s more surface area. I’m going to make it easier for you. There is one thing that is going to help your skin all over this summer and it’s called dry body brushing. You’ve probably heard of it already, but if not, this is for you!

What is it:

It’s the process of brushing your body all over in particular motions with a specifically made brush.

How do it:

Using a plain bristled brush, use only on dry skin. Start at the ankles and work upwards and inwards. Every stroke should be directed toward the heart. Once you’ve done your whole body, follow with a shower or bath. A slight reddening to the skin in completely normal, as you’re increasing the blood flow under the skin. However, if actual irritation occurs you should stop immediately.

What it does:

There are so many benefits that you can receive from regular body brushing.

  • Exfoliation
  • Removal of toxins
  • Minimises cellulite
  • Increase muscle tone
  • Stimulates sweat and oil glands
  • Regenerates collagen and elastic fibres
  • Slows down aging
  • Boosts immunity
  • Minimise ingrown hairs

Because body brushing actively assists in lymphatic drainage, it helps in the removal of toxins. Simultaneously, its exfoliating action clears the pores to allow skin to release toxins too. The skin is the body’s largest waste elimination organ – it only makes sense to help it do its job!

Dry brushing is a relatively safe practice, but you should make sure to never brush on sunburnt, broken, irritated or cancerous skin. You should avoid sensitive areas on the body, and the face should only be done with a brush designed for facial usage.

There are so many health benefits, beautiful glowing skin all over is just a bonus!

Head out and get yourself a dry body brush this weekend (be sure it’s natural and organically made) and get brushing!

Rachel x

Image credit: ABC Medispa

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