Three Steps To Make Your Bright Lip Pop

It’s now officially party season. December has arrived and we’re getting ready for the many Christmas parties and events that seem to bombard us all as the end of the year rushes closer. If, like me, you’ve always planned your makeup with a statement lip right up you go to apply it and realise a nude lip is easier – I have you covered. This year, you’re going out with that bold lip. Don’t freak out, here are three steps to perfecting your pop of colour easily and effectively!

1. Blank the canvas.

If you want you’re chosen shade to really stay true to its colour – take your foundation over the lips lightly when you apply it to the rest of the face. By taking out your lips natural tone, it allows that lipstick to hold it vibrancy.

2. Love your liner.

I use liner a lot. I use it in three stages of a bright lip. Firstly, to line the edge of the lip. I then colour the whole lip in before adding lipstick. This acts as a primer for the lipstick to adhere to better, and provides an overall boost of intensity to the colour. Finally, I use my liner after apply the lipstick. Running it along the edge of the lip-line for a second time, it helps to create a crisp line.

3. Conceal the shakes.

You’re not alone, everyone gets a wobbly hand. It’s virtually impossible to get that perfect line because, most likely, your reference picture has been photoshopped. If you really want to clean up your edges, however, take a small detailer brush or a clean lip brush and run some concealer along the outside of your lip line. Do this in one smooth motion, rather than little sections at a time. Moving in towards the centre of your lip each time.

Are you ready to take on that bright red lip you’ve been wanting for Christmas? Go get ‘em!

Rachel x

Image credit: The Beauty List

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