How to Wash Your Hair Less

I’m going to be honest – I’m not someone who can go for days without washing my hair. I’ve always washed my hair each time I get in the shower; given that I have very fine, straight blonde hair, I find it gets oily quite fast.  That said, I’ve recently made the decision to back off a little. We all know what the experts are saying – washing too frequently can strip hair of the natural oils and, in the process, leave hair dry and damaged.

So here goes. I’m on a mission to wash my hair less;  here’s how I’m doing it.

1. Wash and style.

Day one is when the hair is cleanest and ready for styling. Honestly, I rarely use heated tools. It’s quite unusual for me to even use a hair dryer. However, on the first day I might choose to straighten or add a little curl to my locks. Use your normal styling products (heat protectant, hair spray, etc.) as needed. Just be aware of how much you use. An overkill of product in the hair weighs it down and sometimes leaves you with no choice but to wash it again the next day.

2. Brush and spray.

There are two things to help you get your hair over the line in the following days – dry shampoo and a bristled hair brush. A really nifty little trick to evening out the oil factor in your hair is to brush it through with a natural bristled brush each night. This distributes the oil from the roots to the ends of your strands which are naturally drier, leaving you with less oily roots and a naturally hydrated mane.

Dry shampoo is an obvious option, but one that needs mentioning nonetheless. You can use it in a variety of ways to keep your hair going those few extra days. If you are using it to absorb the oil produced overnight, be sure to apply it effectively. You really only need to apply it to the roots – focus on the hair line, nape of the neck and then lift the hair in sections. You can also use dry shampoo as a preventative step. Just apply a little before going to sleep and let it absorb some of the oils you produce overnight!

3. Up, up and up.

Once you get to day two or three of no washing, an up-do is usually the best option. If your hair is naturally thick or curly, you might only need to add some dry shampoo for some texture and you’re right to go. However, if like me, your strands are looking limp, messy or kinked, it’s time to get more creative. My go-to style is a top-knot – they don’t need to look perfect and the texture can hide a lot of the greasiness. If you want to look a little smarter, get yourself a hair donut as they hold everything neatly. Another option is a slick pony tail as the oils in your hair keep every sleek and tidy.

4. Give your hair the chance.

Most people can push it to the third or fourth day. If you normally wash daily, or even every other day, your hair will need some time to get used to its new routine. As the scalp is used to producing a certain amount of oil, it will keep doing so until it realises you’re not stripping it all away quite so often. Once you starts to itch or it becomes impossible to style, it’s time to shampoo again.

Have you got your hair washing routine down pat? What works for you? Let us know in the comments!

Rachel x

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