Sleek Ponytail Hairstyle

Whether for work, parties or casual weekends, look instantly chic with this easy ponytail.

Sleek Pony

Read on to find out how hair stylist, Hanna Wahab achieved this look!

Step One:

Separate your hair at the crown of the head. Clip the hair at top out of the way.

Step Two:

Taking the hair at the bottom, pull into a tight, low ponytail. You can use a bristle comb to pull the hair back neatly and deal with any fly-aways. Spray this section with hair spray to set it all in place.

Step Three:

Taking the hair set aside at the top, tease at the roots starting from the back and working toward the face in rows. Then flip all the hair back away from the face again.

Step Four:

Taking your bristle comb again, begin smoothing the outer layer of hair away from the face. Make sure not to be heavy handed as you want to keep the volume created by the tease. Once hair is sitting smoothly, gather it near your already existing ponytail and twist. Secure the twist with pins.

Hint: You can take a small section of hair from your twist and wrap around the base of the pony to tie it all in together.

I know what hairstyle I’ll be rocking this Christmas!

Rachel x

Hair stylist: Hanna Wahab

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