The Flat Girl’s Guide To Curls

I have dead straight hair. Let’s just get that out there. While some people see that as a blessing, I have to admit, it sucks when it comes to styling my hair. Being fine and straight means that my locks refuse to hold a curl, a wave; even volume is difficult to keep. With that in mind, there are a few little tips that I thought I’d share with my fellow flat-haired friends, to keeping a curl.

1. Hair spray first.

A hair dressing friend taught me this and it honestly makes a difference. I’m not saying slather on everything before you curl and then off you go, but a light spritz before you style can hold the curl for longer. Obviously, if there is too much product on your hair it can become sticky which is not ideal with a heat tool. Be careful with this step, but you will notice a difference if done correctly.

2. Know your heat settings.

Let’s be honest, using a heat tool is essentially burning your hair. When you see steam rise as your apply heat, that is literally hydration leaving your hair follicles. Some people believe that the hotter the tool, the quick the curl will be created. This ‘the quicker the better’ mentality actually doesn’t work. By damaging your hair more than necessary, you are also damaging your chances of a hair style that lasts and looks decent. A moderate heat, around the 180° mark, is ideal. If you have thick or coarse hair, and feel that your settings need to be hotter, speak to your hairdresser for what they would use on your hair. Don’t jump the gun and destroy those precious locks!

3. Learn your products.

When your hair just wants to hang sadly, you don’t want to give it any more excuses! Some products just as serums, creams, oils, shampoos and conditioners can be heavy and weigh the hair further. As a general rule, look for products designed for flat hair or fine hair as they are usually made with a more lightweight formula. And remember: the less product you use, the better.

4. Don’t be squeaky clean.

It’s no secret these days, hair is easier to style when it has a bit more grit. I’ve been trying to wash my hair less recently, in an effort to look after it. However, I’m finding just how much easier it is to style my hair when it’s not freshly washed. If you do have to style your hair straight after a wash – become best friends with dry shampoo or texture sea salt spray.

Give these few tips a go and see how your curls lasts! Let us know in the comments below if you have any other tricks to getting your flat hair to behave!

Rachel x

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