New Year’s Eve Messy Bun Hairstyle

Here is all the inspiration you need for this year’s New Year’s Eve look! Wear it with anything; it’s the perfect blend of messy and elegant. Take it whatever way you wish – here’s how to achieve it!

Messy Bun.jpg

Step One:

Start by dividing hair at crown. Make a tight pony tail at nape of the neck using the bottom section. Tease the roots of the top section for a bit of volume before smoothing over the surface; gently twist the top section and wrap around the pony tail, leaving the ends free.

Step Two:

Curl the ends of the pony tail to add extra texture and volume.

Step Three:

Use your fingers to separate and further define each curl, making sure the overall look isn’t too polished.

Step Four:

Starting from the middle and working outward, follow the natural movement of each curl, guiding it to twist on itself and pin into place. Continue working outwards, wrapping each curl around the hair you’ve already pinned to create a looped bun shape.

I am completely obsessed with this look! It’s chic and sleek on the top but is the right amount of ‘undone’ in the bun. Perfect for New Year celebrations!

What will you be rocking as we move into 2016?

Rachel x

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