Exfoliate: Which Way?

When it comes to exfoliating the face, people are becoming a lot more savvy these days. There are so many items on the market that get the job done in various ways. It can get a bit overwhelming to know which product to go for unless you’ve used it before. Let me give you the run down.




Best known and most commonly used, scrubs act by physically scraping away the dead cells from the face. Those who stick to this method should always keep in mind that a heavy hand does not mean better / faster results. It damages the skin you want to bring forth, rather than just remove what lies on top of it. A light hand in circular motions over the face works – let the particles do the work for you! It’s also important to keep in mind that this might not be the ideal method for those with acne. Some specialists say that a physical scrub simply moves the bacteria from one away of the face to another which can worsen the situation.


While you might associate facial peels with day spas and beauticians, you can also do them yourself at home. There are lots of products on the shelves these days, containing salicylic or glycolic acids and fruit enzymes. Facial peels help to target acne, and even ingrown hairs, by penetrating and clearing out pores and hair follicles. Just be sure to use a facial peel and not an all over body peel.

Chemical cleansers/toners/lotions:

I use a chemically exfoliating toner regularly, however, it’s not just toners that do the job these days. There are so many cleansers and moisturisers that contain the same exfoliating acids at a mild ratio. They can be used daily and, therefore, keep skin more consistent.


Something a little unusual, but oddly satisfying to try yourself, is the method of rolling. These products are a form of mitt made of natural fibres and act by causing friction on the skin. Start by having a good soak in the bath or a shower and then use the mitt all over the body with a firm pressure. You will see the top layer of skin literally roll off of your body. Weird, yes. But, like I said, oddly satisfying. You can get mitts specifically design for the face. This method is great for acne suffers or people with deeper lines that they wish to target as it also stimulates the skin and produces collagen.

Electric brush:

They can be a little expensive with the initial purchase, but electric cleansing brushes are effective and time saving devices that can be used daily. I love mine! You simply incorporate the brush into your cleansing step. Apply your cleanser to your face then move the brush all over. It removes so much more grit and product from your pores than normal cleansing, plus the gentle brush simultaneously removes any cells sitting on top of the skin.

Muslin cloth:

It’s overlooked, but washing your face properly with a flannel or, better yet, a muslin cloth can effectively remove what’s sitting on top of your skin. All too often, when cleansing, we chuck the product on and quickly wipe it off before moving on to the next step. If you actually take the time and rub your face properly, it can remove more than you think. Just take heed of the warning that comes with facial scrubs – don’t go in too hard! I repeat, a heavy hand does not mean better or faster results.


I also want to stress the importance of exfoliating, in any form, on a clean surface. Cleansing is the first vital step – even when using my cleansing brush I cleanse first and then again using the electric device. There is simply no point in using an exfoliating product over a dirty face. All it will do is act on the makeup, grease and grit that’s sitting on top instead of the skin itself.


What do you use to exfoliate? Do you have a preferred method to use, or do you like to mix it up? We want to know in the comments!

Rachel x


Photo credit: The Base by Lara Bingle Instagam

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