New Year Essentials For 2016

As you can tell from my ‘How to Plan for 2016’ post, I love the New Year. It’s a time for fresh starts and new motivation. I always use this time as an opportunity to get on track with different aspects in life. Here are my top essentials for starting the New Year off right!

1. Notebook.

It’s the list maker in me, but this is an absolute must in my life. It’s something I used every day of the year, but it’s always nice to start things off with a fresh book. My faves are from Kate Spade, but Typo also do so really affordable options that cover everyone’s taste!

2. Recipe book.

It might sound odd, but I’m always the most motivated to eat well when I get my hands on a new healthy recipe book. Seeing that the New Year is a common time for people to start trying to eat well, I strongly suggest finding inspiration in the form of a new book. My latest love is The Healthy Life from food and health blogger Jessica Sepel. It’s not only full of recipes, but information to help you understand what your body needs to function. It basically makes nutrition accessible and easy to understand. Plus, it’ll get you super inspired to get in the kitchen and cook lots of yummy, healthy meals and treats!

3. Water bottle.

Drinking more water is always a resolution of mine – I’m terrible at it! This year I’m getting myself a BPA-free water bottle that’s going to sit on my desk and remind me to drink regularly. Not only will I be more likely to drink from an adorably patterned bottle, but it also saves money and the environment by avoiding bottled water from the shops.

4. Face spritz.

It’s hot this time of year. Working in an environment that’s constantly air conditioned can be drying on my skin. Then, on the other hand, stepping outside can be a shock when I’m hit with a brick wall of hot air. Both occasions call for a refreshing, moisturising face spray. My go-to is the Sukin Hydrating Mist Toner – it’s cheap and really effective. On top of that, it’s naturally derived and ethically sourced. Win – win!

5. Diary.

Whether you have used them in the past, daily planners are brilliant. You can use them to keep you organised. However, I also use them as a mini journal, writing down a sentence or two to summarise the day. I’ve done this throughout 2015 and it’s been awesome looking back quickly at my year that’s passed. Call me sentimental; my daily planner keeps me in check and organised. Lorna Jane release the best diaries – I’ve got my 2016 one already!

With these few items, I always feel on top of my game. What are your essentials as we move into the new year? Let us know in the comments below and let’s share the positivity!

Rachel x

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