Make(up) Dreams into Reality

Eat, sleep, work, repeat! That is what my life felt like 2 years ago. I wasn’t unhappy by any means but I was bored and felt like I was stuck in a rut! Was this what my life was going to be like for the next 20 years?

Gabdala - Photoshoot 2015 - 02

I am 31 years young with a background in marketing and for the past 10 years I have been in different jobs, industries and been blessed with some amazing opportunities. But deep down I always had an entrepreneurial urge to break out and do my own thing. When I was 23 as well as working full time I started an online jewellery store where I imported and sold the collections of independent designers from around the world. It was a huge success but at that age my priorities were elsewhere, mainly going out with my friends, so I wasn’t giving the business as much time as it needed. Looking back now I wish I had stuck it out cause I think it definitely would still be going strong!

But something I definitely did take away from it was the passion and drive I felt when I was working for myself and reaping the benefits of the hard work and effort I put in.

So when I began to feel this restlessness 2 years ago I knew I needed a change and it was time to try something new – but what? I started doing some research and narrowing down things I was really passionate about and enjoyed doing and the next thing I knew I was browsing The Australasian College Broadway course list.

TAC - MBFWA 2015 - Web-021

I have always loved makeup but I had never considered it being my career. The more I researched the more I was loving the sound of the Diploma of Specialist Makeup Services (CUF50407) course and the opportunities that came with this creative industry. There were so many avenues I could explore from bridal, runway, fashion, SFX – surely I was bound to find something that I loved!

But how was I going to fit this into working a full time job, Monday to Friday, 8 – 6pm as well as afford to do the course? One thing that really stood out to me with TACB was their flexible study options and the VET FEE HELP option. I could study part time on Saturdays so it didn’t interfere with my job. It was perfect! So I signed up, did my orientation and was due to start the course the next week!

Gabdala - Photoshoot 2015 - 01

At that time I didn’t really have any expectation for it to turn into a career, I honestly just wanted to try something new, learn some new skills and meet some new people. But I was nervous, what if I was the oldest person at the college? I was sure that most of the students would be pretty young things just out of school and here I was at 30 about to join a class of fifteen 20 something year olds who wouldn’t have had a wrinkle on their perfect baby faces!

But I sucked it up and gave it a go, what did I have to lose? I quickly got to know everyone and made some great friends while being taught by amazing teachers who  were also active artists in the makeup industry. This made a huge difference in the skills and techniques which we were taught and they passed on so many of their personal experiences and knowledge that gave you a real feel for what the industry was like and what to expect in the real world.

TAC - MBFWA 2015 - Web-090

The college also provides amazing work experience opportunities which led me to working at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Australia 2015. This experience was truly like no other! The backstage buzz, the models, the fashion and contributing to a designers show was unreal. It was surreal and went like a flash but I was beaming for days from this amazing experience which I definitely wanted to do again.

I found myself thinking of makeup more and more and knew I needed more time to focus on honing my craft. So part way through the course I started working part time in my marketing job and got a part time job at a makeup counter. Not only did it allow me to do makeup more often but it gave me so much experience working with different skin types and really understanding a clients needs. This was a really valuable lesson and I learnt so much from it that I could take and apply to other freelance jobs I had booked.

TAC - Vivid Body Painting 2015

Today I am in the final months of completing my course at TACB and have just resigned from my marketing job to become a freelance makeup artist, build my own brand and focus on my blog. I am so proud that I pushed myself to do this and feel privileged that I get to share my makeup experience with others either via my knowledge or by my artistry skills and making people feel beautiful for their special occasions. I still have a lot to learn but I feel confident that I have been equipped with the right tools and knowledge to really put myself out there and give it my best shot!

You never stop learning and it’s never too late to try something new so keep your mind strong and your brow game stronger!

Marisa Robinson




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