5 Morning Beauty Rituals

Are you a morning person? Or do you find yourself rushing out the door without enough time to allow yourself to breathe? If you find yourself in this situation all too often, it’s time to re-align. Mornings can be the perfect time to look after your body and nurture yourself, just as effectively as in the evening. By developing your own set of steps – a ritual – that you follow each morning, you can completely change your routine and how you feel about mornings. And your body will thank you for it.

I’m not here to tell you what rituals you should form, it’s completely up to you. Figure out what you personally find calming, invigorating and sets you on the right track for the rest of the day. If you’re unsure of where to start, take a look at some suggestions below and try the ones that stand out to you. In time you won’t even think of it as a plan for the morning and you’ll find that you’ve naturally developed your own little routine.

1. Hydrate.

You will read this everywhere. The first thing most people recommend to start your day is to drink water. You might just stumble to the sink with your eyes half shut and down a whole glass – and that’s fine! If you need to ‘thaw out’ in the mornings, you could try making yourself a cup of green tea (super beneficial but with its own hit of caffeine). Another really popular method, and a favourite of mine, is lemon water. I boil the kettle, squeeze half a lemon into my mug and add honey to taste. Once I’ve poured the water, I busy myself with making breakfast to give it time to cool. Take the time to enjoy your drink, maybe read the paper or catch up on your fave blogs.

2. Wash your face.

We know the importance of taking our makeup off before bed (don’t we?) – but not everyone takes the time to refresh in the morning. Your face will develop its own oils throughout your sleep and this can affect the appearance of your skin and makeup. Ideally you should be cleansing in the morning too; try incorporating a warm washcloth after cleansing for an incredibly relaxing way to wake up!

3. Dry body brushing.

If you’ve read our post on dry body brushing before, you’ll know all about the benefits of incorporating this into your daily routine. Making time before your morning shower to give your body a once over with a natural bristled brush can have amazing health benefits, give your skin a glow and gets your circulation pumping. A perfect way to wake you up and get you going for the day!

4. Sunscreen.

So it may not be an obvious ‘ritual’, but adding time in your morning beauty routine to apply sunscreen can give you that sense of routine and normalcy that a ritual provides. Plus, you’re protecting your skin.

5. Breakfast.

You know what they say; breakfast is the most important meal of the day. But it’s not just about shoving whatever is easy into your mouth; what you choose it eat is essential.

Choose foods that are nourishing for your body, that are easy to digest and are easy to prepare to avoid feeling rushed and reaching for a bowl of unsatisfying cereal. Fruits, eggs and oats are all perfect ways to start the day. Remember, what you put into your body is reflected everywhere, from your mood and energy to your skin, hair and nails. By creating time to prepare wholesome food that you know is going to benefit you throughout the day, you’re not just looking after your body but taking the time to appreciate the food that you’re putting in it.

Do you have any morning rituals? Things you do without even thinking about which set your on track for the day ahead? Share them with us in the comments below!

Rachel x

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