5 Reasons Your Foundation Isn’t Sitting Well

You know those days when, no matter what you do, your make-up just looks bleh? When your foundation looks cakey, you can see lines and stroke marks across your face, and it’s visibly sitting there around your nose and mouth? You can’t add more, as it just makes the matter worse, but you want the coverage. Chances are, you’ve missed something important when it comes to your foundation. Next time you’re having a bad make-up day, consult the checklist below before giving up and going back to bed.

Reason One: You need to exfoliate.

We’re all guilty of it – sometimes we let it go a little too long. However, if you allow a build-up of dead skin, product and oil to occur, you’re going to see it when you try to slick foundation over the top. All it will do is catch and highlight the rough surface of your skin, instead of blending in and looking natural. This one’s a no brainer, exfoliate with a scrub or chemical exfoliant to nip this issue in the bud. You can read our Exfoliate: Which Way post to discover your favourite method!

Reason Two: You prepped incorrectly.

This can go one of two ways. Either you didn’t prep at all, in which case your skin hasn’t been hydrated properly and your foundation will apply uneven. Or you applied too much moisturiser and/or primer. This would lead to excess product on your face which will inevitably end up in a swirly mess once you apply your foundation. This can be what causes those streak marks and brush strokes that look a long way from the natural radiant skin that you’re aiming for.

Reason Three: Your brush needs cleaning.

Too many people will be guilty of this one. I’m not someone who compulsively cleans between every single use, but I definitely wash my brushes once a week. Your foundation brush is one of the most important to keep clean as it is, usually, a wet product and its being applied all over the face, picking up bacteria as it does so. Aside from the hygienic factor, however, think of the practical side. When your brush is full of product that has set in the bristles, you’re not giving it the chance to do its job properly. It becomes stiff and distributes foundation unevenly. Get into a routine where you clean your brushes regularly and you will notice a huge difference in your foundation application.

Reason Four: Your foundation doesn’t suit your skin type.

This one is fairly common sense. It’s easy to walk into a store, test a shade, feel the consistency on the back of your hand and that’s it. But that can lead to you leaving with the wrong product for your skin. If you have dry skin, it might not be in your best interest to get mattifying foundation. If you already develop a fair amount of shine throughout the day, you probably don’t need a super glowy foundation. If you’re using the right product for your skin, it should go on like a dream and last the day.

Reason Five: Your product has expired.

Don’t be the person who slaps expired products on their face. Your makeup has a use by date for a reason. Even if it hasn’t started to irritate your skin yet, there are other signs that foundation has reached the end of its life. If it’s changed consistency, colour or smell, it’s time to part ways. As a general rule, get rid of your foundation if you opened it more than 12 months ago.

Don’t let a bad foundation day ruin your week, make sure you stay on top of your makeup game with the list above!

Rachel x

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