Summer Beach Essentials

It’s well and truly beach season and I thought I’d share my most essential items to keep by my side while soaking up the sun in the sand.

1. Sunscreen

It’s a no brainer. My all-time favourite is the Le Tan Coconut Sunscreen in SPF 50+. It instantly makes me think of holidays when I smell it!

2. Hat

The bigger the better. I’ve learnt my lesson enough times not to get a burnt head any more. Not only is it painful and holds the danger of skin cancer down the line, it also leaves me looking like I have dandruff. Not so attractive.

3. Phone battery extender

Nothing kills the vibe like that little red section on the battery light. Knowing you’re prepared with one of these leaves you free you take as many photos/listen to as many tunes as your heart desires.

4. Reading material

One of my favourite ways to relax to open up a brand new book on the beach. If a book isn’t your thing, a magazine is awesome for some beach pastime. Plus they’re easy to fold and slip into your beach bag.

5. Lip balm with SPF

While I’m careful to keep my face safe from the sun with sunscreen, it doesn’t always taste so great on the lips. That doesn’t mean they should be forgotten or ignored though. You just need to keep a lip balm handy that includes an SPF. Hydration and sun protection in one = win!

What are your beach essentials this summer?

Rachel x

Photo credit: Elle Ferguson Instagram

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