Student Profile: Rosie Dunn

Rosie Dunn, 17, Hairdressing

From small town NSW to having her work appear in Vogue Australia magazine, Rosie Dunn always knew she would pursue a career in hairdressing…

What made you decide to pursue your passion in this industry?

From a young age, hair was my thing, from always re-doing my own hair after mum did it in the mornings for school to getting my hands on every family members’ hair I could. I was always certain that this was the industry for me, so it wasn’t really a deciding factor that made me pursue my passion it was more the decided time that I could leave school and get started.”

I left my small country town high school in Bathurst NSW half way through year 10 after finally convincing mum, packed my things and moved to Sydney to start my journey at the Australasian College Broadway.

Shortly after starting my course I landed a job in a boutique Salon called Judena Hair located in North Bondi, which became another little home away from home – second to the College of course!

Where are you now in your career?

I just recently started working at Edwards and Co. in Surry Hills which has been a goal of mine since I first left school, so I really want to just take it all in and learn as much as I can from all the incredible people that work and freelance there. I think the next year or so will be all about improving my skills and building relationships with more people in the industry.

As for the future, I don’t really have any set plans of where I want to be and when, but I do know I want to travel with my career, communicate and work alongside creative people and continue to see my name on things I’m proud of.

What were your most memorable experiences during your time at the College?

I always have this sense of feeling supported and loved. It sounds a bit silly but during my time at the College I really did and still continue to feel part of a big family. I’ve had the chance to learn so much with friends that will remain in my life forever and I’ve genuinely grown so much as a person. I couldn’t fault any of my educators – they are all the perfect balance between educator and friend.

What advice would you give to anyone looking at pursuing a career in the hairdressing industry?

Just stick with it! The feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction always outweighs any feelings of failure or frustration; there’s been so many times and so many long hours that have made me want to quit but seeing my clients feel beautiful because of the service I’ve given makes it all worth it.

Also remember that being a hairdresser doesn’t just mean being stuck in a salon all day long – there are so many alternate paths to go down when having this trade behind you.

What advice would you give potential students thinking of studying at the Australasian College Broadway?

Go for it! I can guarantee you that you’ll learn more than you thought was possible during your time at the College. As I said before I can’t fault the educators, you’ll have so much support and guidance during your studies.

It’s important to remember that it’s about what you get out of it as well, so don’t be afraid to sell yourself and be proud of everything you’ll accomplish with hard work.

Congratulations to Rosie on her amazing journey thus far!

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