Five Ways to Drink More Water

Every year I make a resolution to drink more water. It’s never been a particular strong point of mine despite knowing how beneficial it would be. I’ve made it my mission to get on top of my water intake and lately I’ve developed a few little steps that keep me on track.

1. Make it your skincare routine.

As the first step, last step or somewhere in between; it really doesn’t matter. But incorporating a glass of water somewhere in your bathroom routine can guarantee two extra glasses of water a day to your diet. I’ve found having a glass straight after brushing my teeth works best for me.

2. Your phone can help.

There are so many apps these days that can help you not only keep track of, but remind you to boost your water intake. I love to use this one or this one. However, if you’re not interested in apps, you can just as easily set up some alarms or reminders through your calendar. Set them throughout the day to give you a nudge.

3. Try and match your drinks.

If you drink a lot of other beverages throughout the day, make a compromise with yourself and consume a glass of water beforehand. That way you can still enjoy the drinks you love, but are automatically upping your water intake first. You’ll often find you don’t need your follow up drink, and that water ends up replacing those less essential beverages throughout your day.

4. Those fruits work.

You know the super pretty pics you see on Instagram and Pinterest where people chuck some fruit in their water and instantly look fancy? I’ve found that adding something as simple as a few slices of lemon makes drinking water more exciting. You can up the ante by using strawberries, lime, blueberries, kiwifruit, cucumber, and watermelon. You can even add extra herbs like rosemary, mint, basil and lavender. These colourful additions can make drinking water so much more stylish. You’ll actually look forward to it!

5. Keep it in plain sight.

It’s plain and simple, but very effective. By keeping a bottle of water in front of you at all times you will be so much more likely to sip at it throughout the day. Constant hydration is the best kind! Go out and buy yourself a bottle that will add some style to your desk-scape like this one or this one, and you’ll never look back.

Hydration is something that’s absolutely essential, for both our mental and physical health. Make sure you’re getting the adequate level of H2O by incorporating some of these tips into your daily life.

Rachel x

Image Credit: Detox Water Instagram

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