Oscars 2016 Red Carpet Best Dressed

We always get a tad excited when award season comes around. The Oscars leave us glued to our screens to see who’s wearing what. We’ve picked our top four from the 2016 Oscars Red Carpet – check out our favourites below! Read More

Perfect Your Pinup Look

We’re lucky enough at TACB to get some amazing industry guests into the College to share their expertise. We recently had the pleasure of hosting a pinup workshop with Dianne Murphy, followed by a photoshoot that captured the incredible work of our students.

Today we’re sharing Dianne’s rundown of the perfect pinup look! Read More

Make Your Perfume Last All Day

I’m not always the best at applying perfume in the morning. With everything else I have to do, it’s a miracle I walk out the door with any kind of hair style. It’s a regular occurrence for me to arrive to work without any lip colour on. Perfume is the last thing on my mind.

However, it’s not for lack of trying. I love my fragrances and I have a nice little collection of favourite scents. It’s just that, when I make the effort to wear a perfume, I want to smell as good at the end of the day as I do at the start. If you have trouble getting you perfume to stick with any kind of longevity, here are a few tips to keep in mind! Read More

How To Fake Freckles

Creating faux freckles on the skin is a trend that has been circulating the fashion shows and magazine covers for a while now! It has been a little backstage makeup artist trick – why, you ask? While most of us ladies use concealers and foundations to cover our freckles, celeb makeup artists have been using this technique to create perfect sun kissed skin without looking like you are wearing caked on makeup. Done correctly, this very cute makeup tip will make the skin appear more youthful and fresh faced every time! Read More

Pastel Hair Care

If you’ve taken the plunge and gone pastel, or are considering it, you need to be prepared to care for your hair. It’s taken a bit of a belting and now needs lots of TLC if you want it to remain looking as perfect as it did walking out of the salon. Here are a few things you should remember: Read More

Is Fatigue Bad For Your Skin?

Do you ever look at your skin and wonder why it’s still not looking its best, despite that fact that you’re eating the right foods, cleansing well and exercising regularly? It might be time to consider your sleeping routine. Fatigue can wreak absolute havoc when it comes to your skin functioning properly. There’s something to consider the next time you sacrifice your valuable shut-eye time. Read More

How To Keep Your Makeup On Point

Are you a gal who comes prepared for anything, or someone who slaps on a face of makeup in the morning and hopes for the best?

I believe there is a happy medium somewhere between the two, you just need to know your products and go from there! Read More

Four Foods For Shiny Hair

You are what you eat – we all know how true this saying is. So it makes sense that what you consume can make a difference when it comes to your hair! We all dream of beautiful, shiny hair that rivals all the Pantene ads! Here’s some top things to include in your diet to get your hair in tip-top shape! Read More

6 Hacks To Shorten Your Beauty Routine

While we can’t all have the luxury of a celebrity makeup artist at our disposal each morning, it is still possible to leave the house looking fierce even after hitting the snooze button one too many times!

Here is a compilation of the top 6 beauty hacks that have served me well during many mornings of racing against the clock to get out the door on time. Read More