Good Habits to Start Today

We’re all creatures of habit. Good or bad, our daily lives are made of repeated behaviours. I’m among the many who have developed some not so great habits in my life time. Growing up, I never had a decent sleeping routine. I also used to drink Diet Coke every single day – it was my go-to beverage! If I needed a drink, I’d reach for a Diet Coke every single time. A rather unhealthy habit, but a habit all the same. Flash forward to 2016 and I’ve made it a conscious decision to create some much better daily practices that contribute to a positive and organised life. You’ll be amazed at what a difference a healthy habit can make to your overall week!

  1. Get on track with your sleep.

In my opinion, sleep is the number one thing to keep in check in your life. A lack of rest will affect everything from you daily mood to your general health. I’m not going to list every way your body can be affected when sleep deprived – that’s another post for another time! One of the main things I wanted to focus on was my sleeping habits. I’ve always been a night owl, but I’ve realised the importance of going to bed at a reasonable hour each night, and getting up at the same time each morning.

  1. Practice gratitude.

It sounds preachy, but this is one thing that a lot of successful people will tell you they do! Each day, be it morning or evening, think back on the things you are grateful to have. You don’t have to go all out and write them down – I don’t! But by just quietly acknowledging to yourself the things you are thankful for (people, relationships, work, opportunities, anything) does an amazing job at keeping you grounded. I also find it helps me maintain clarity in where I’m headed and where I want to go in life.

  1. Become a ‘list’ person.

I’m a list maker. I am, in fact, obsessed with my to-do lists! I find that the process of writing it all down and crossing it off makes me not only feel super productive, but incentivises me to get even more done. Get into the habit of prioritising and organising your day but writing it all out in front of you.

  1. Step back from technology.

We’ve heard it all before, but it really can be difficult to break away from our screens. Try to get into the habit of setting your technology aside after a certain time each night. Having our eyes on our phones, iPads and computers can really disrupt the way your body winds down in the evening. Give yourself the best chance to sleep easy and put your screens down.

  1. Learn to prepare your food.

This is one of the hardest things to get into a regular habit of doing. In fact, I’d never seen the need to prep my meals until recently. When I moved further away from my work, however, I really had to step up my game with food organisation. Each weekend now, I shop for the week ahead. I make sure I have a general plan for dinner each night. I also tackle lunches for the week by making something easy to pack in the morning (my favourite is quiche). It’s also a great idea to prep some snacks – there are hundreds of ideas out there. Just check out our Pinterest for some inspo! I love cooking, so this has turned into a fun little habit for my weekend.

  1. Where SPF 30+ (broad spectrum).

If you take one thing away from this post, let it be this. Get into the habit of applying sunscreen everyday and never break it. It is so important to protect your skin from UV rays and regular, consistent application is the best way to do so. Make sure you are using a broad spectrum mineral based SPF to give yourself full protection. Educating yourself about the product is so important as well. You can read our Sunscreen 101 post to learn the facts on what sunscreen is and how it works.

What are your daily habits?

Rachel x

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