Four Foods For Shiny Hair

You are what you eat – we all know how true this saying is. So it makes sense that what you consume can make a difference when it comes to your hair! We all dream of beautiful, shiny hair that rivals all the Pantene ads! Here’s some top things to include in your diet to get your hair in tip-top shape!


They’re miracle beauty products that you can eat! Rich in potassium and magnesium, avocados are also full of our favourite fatty acids for healthy skin and lustrous hair.


The fishier it tastes, the better it is for you is my rule of thumb. Fish like salmon, mackerel and sardines are super rich in omega-3 fatty acids with encourage hair growth and shine!

Sweet Potatoes.

These golden gems contain beta-carotene which our bodies process into vitamin A. This helps boost hair that’s suffering from dryness and dullness. If your locks are looking a bit lacklustre, try some sweet potato – cut one up into chunky wedges and bake for a healthy and super yummy snack!


Oats contain all sorts of healthy-hair necessities! It’s high in zinc and magnesium as well as biotin and potassium! All of this things are vital for hair health, keeping it less prone to breakage. With stronger hair, you can be sure of vibrant locks that are far from dull!

What you put inside your body is so important when it comes to what you see on the outside! What are your favourite ‘hair friendly’ foods to eat regularly?

Rachel x


Image Credit: JanelleLovesHair Instagram

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