How To Keep Your Makeup On Point

Are you a gal who comes prepared for anything, or someone who slaps on a face of makeup in the morning and hopes for the best?

I believe there is a happy medium somewhere between the two, you just need to know your products and go from there!

The fact is, no makeup will remain the same at the end of the day as it was when you walked out the door. Some may claim they are long-wearing, stay-put, 24 hour dream products, and some might even come close. However, what works for one person might behave vastly different on another.

Let me run you through your best approaches to making your makeup last all day.

Rule #1 Prep well.

I’m a big advocate for prepping your face properly before putting your makeup on. Cleansing will ensure your skin isn’t overloaded with makeup packed on top of oils and dirt; moisturising boosts hydration so your base isn’t absorbed or slides around due to excess oil-production; and priming will make sure your makeup glides on smoothly and stays put for longer.

Rule #2 Don’t go overboard.

Avoid putting too much product on your face. The heavier your base, for example, the more likely it will slide around.

Rule #3 Consider your ‘problem areas’.

I know that, come lunchtime, my face is likely to have built up a little shine in my t-zone and my lipstick will need reapplying. My eye makeup tends to last all day, providing I set underneath I will avoid any mascara transfer. My blush can often disappear by late afternoon, so if I’m intending to head anywhere other than home after work, I will need a touch up. With this knowledge, I know what products to apply in the morning to give my makeup the longevity I need. I also know which products I need to have with me throughout the day to combat my problem areas: powder, lipstick and, if heading out, some blush to add a little colour.

Rule #4 Figure out your safest bets.

If you want to cover your bases, it’s possible to keep certain key items in your handbag, desk drawer, locker, or wherever you might spend regular time. My top suggestions would be a powder, concealer, lip colour and mascara. A couple of essentials can get you through most makeup situations!

How do you ensure your makeup looks as fresh as you started at the end of the day?

Rachel x


Image Credit: The Beauty List Instagram

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