NYFW: Bare Skin & Undone Hair

Bare skin and undone hair seemed to be the pick of the crop during New York Fashion Week. We’ve picked our fave looks from all the runways below!

ralph lauren.PNG
Ralph Lauren Instagram

Ralph Lauren

The ultimate in no-fuss hair and makeup, the Ralph Lauren show featured clear, youthful skin and a soft yet dominant brow as the focal point. With that air-dried ‘just got out of the shower’ hair, this look is incredibly soft, honest and sophisticated.

michael kors.PNG
Michael Kors Instagram

Michael Kors

A slight brown haze around the eye and a touch of rosiness takes this look up a notch from the ‘no-makeup’ makeup. There remains the focus on fresh, glowing and clear skin with the suggestion of barely done hair.

herve leger.PNG
Herve Leger Instagram

Herve Leger

Hair at Herve Leger was a little more styled, with models featuring braiding across one side. Still, the untouched look of the week was kept on the other keep this look grounded and makeup, again, was about glow and radiance. A touch of liner, perhaps a comb through the brows and the slightest of contouring keeps this look fresh and natural.

Jay godrey.PNG
Jay Godfrey Instagram

Jay Godfrey

A little more striking, the look at Jay Godfrey featured defined cheekbones and a super yet dramatic graphic liner. The hair keeps this vibe of undecidedness – is it made up or barely done? A messy bun pulled to the back, embracing the frizziness we fight on a daily basis matches the makeup perfectly and is a beautiful accent to the garments on show.

DKNY Instagram


We love the untouched-ness of DKNYs look on the runway. With very little on the face, perhaps an illuminating base, some balm on the lips and an inconceivable dash of contour, the models look absolutely radiant and fresh. We’re not even sure these two girls sat in the hair chair at all!

Tommy Hilfiger Instagram

Tommy Hilfiger

With a talent of blending the feminine with sport chic, Hilfiger’s show featured flawless skin with a little more glamour to the eyes. A soft haze of shimmer and a little more nude and shine to the lips lifted this look and kept it from blended into the rest of the garments. Hair was slightly more ‘finished’ yet a few loose strands kept to the theme of effortlessly ‘undone’.

Rodarte Instagram


The looks on the Rodarte runway were stunning. Rich and regal colours in fabrics were matched with strong bold lips and brows, with porcelain skin put forth a regal and slightly ethereal vibe. Hair was still unkempt but brought into theme with floral décor reminiscent of a Grecian goddess. The whole ensemble is magical.

Gato Makeup Instagram

Naeem Khan

With a romantic yet oriental-esque theme running through the garments, the hair and makeup for Khan’s show was on point. This is one of our favourite looks of the week. Perfect precision in the brows and lips coupled with hair that’s been carefully manipulated to look unruly – there’s nothing not to love here.

Netaporter Instagram

Marc Jacobs

Finally, Marc Jacobs put forward quite the showstopper with his dramatic look on the final day of NYFW. Bleached brows and inverted shadow; bare lids and black beneath blotchily blended. A matching black lip completed the ghostly, quite other-wordly, look. Kendall Jenner is virtually unrecognisable here! With such a deathly and stark makeup, the fact that they opted for finger curls sleeked to the top of the head was pure genius. It reclaimed a hint of glamour and elegance while still playing off the striking and texturized garments.

No word of a lie, the looks at NYFW 2016 had us a little hot under the collar. What were your favourites?

Rachel x


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