Pastel Hair Care

If you’ve taken the plunge and gone pastel, or are considering it, you need to be prepared to care for your hair. It’s taken a bit of a belting and now needs lots of TLC if you want it to remain looking as perfect as it did walking out of the salon. Here are a few things you should remember:

Cut your washing time

Cleaning your hair too frequently can be a killer for your new colour and lead to your hair colour fading too quickly. If you want to preserve the colour, try cutting back to shampooing 1-2 times a week.

Watch your temperature

If you enjoy a steaming hot shower, you might not be doing your hair a whole lot of good. A super hot shower can also strip colour faster. Try upping the cold a little and avoid any further stress and damage to your locks!

Condition in every way

Given that going pastel generally requires a fair amount of bleaching, your hair needs all the love and hydration that you can give it! Get to know your conditioner really well – in every way available. It’s always good to have a good quality conditioner when you wash, but you can also condition out of the shower as well! Leave-in conditioners can make life easy, as well as a good hair oil or serum to run through the ends. It’s also wise to get into the habit of using a hair mask once a week for a deeper treatment.

Be kind to your new locks – that delicate shade needs delicate treatment to make it last the distance!

Rachel x


Image Credit: In The Frow Instagram

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