How To Fake Freckles

Creating faux freckles on the skin is a trend that has been circulating the fashion shows and magazine covers for a while now! It has been a little backstage makeup artist trick – why, you ask? While most of us ladies use concealers and foundations to cover our freckles, celeb makeup artists have been using this technique to create perfect sun kissed skin without looking like you are wearing caked on makeup. Done correctly, this very cute makeup tip will make the skin appear more youthful and fresh faced every time!

Tips to creating the perfect faux freckles:


Always start with a beautiful base for your makeup using a moisturiser and pore minimising primer. Use a light weight breathable foundation or BB cream, applying concealer only to the problem areas such as under the nose, eyes and any other redness or blemishes. Apply some blush to the apples of the cheeks and, for some added warmth, use bronzer around forehead, nose and cheekbones. Brush brows up to show natural shape and use a brow powder for some added definition.

Colour choice

I suggest picking a shade lighter than your hair colour. You should also vary the colour of the freckles by alternating between 2 shades. This will also keep them looking natural. Remember, not all freckles are the same colour! If you feel that the freckles are looking too dark or unnatural, go over with a sponge in a stippling motion being careful not to drag or smear them.


Make sure you have some idea of where you want to place your new beauty spots. I like to have some pictures nearby that show where natural freckles might show up. If you are worried about making a mistake try using a light pencil that you can easily remove to mark them out. I prefer using a brow powder. Put your brush into the product and swirl around so that you have a generous amount on the brush, then with your head tilted back slightly sprinkle the powder over your nose and cheeks.  Push the product down on to your face with a makeup wedge/sponge. You might have to do this several times depending on the effect and how heavy you are going for.


To create this look you can use a gel, pencil, marker or a powder. Try to use something that’s water proof and not going to smudge all over the face. Afterwards, use a good setting powder to make your new freckles stay all day.

Add some lip tint or some moisturising lip balm to finish this beautiful bare faced look and you are done!

Kerri-Ann Youngberry xx


Image Credit: Charlotte Tilbury Instagram

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