How To Get The Perfect Tan

It’s not easy to say goodbye to Summer when we know it means less of that bronzed ‘glow’. Luckily we can fake it throughout the cooler months!

Read on for our advice for the ultimate tan routine.


  • Between your shower and your tan application, avoid any oils or heavy moisturisers. These can create a barrier and develop a patchy or short-lived tan.
  • Exfoliate with a mitt to remove any previous tan and create a smooth fresh base to work with. Some scrubs work well too; just make sure they don’t include oils to interrupt the tanning process!
  • If you’re going to wax or shave, be sure to do so the day before you tan. These processes can leave your skin sensitive which can mean tanning product might be more likely to irritate.
  • Before applying tan, use a light moisturiser. Focus especially on the areas that catch and absorb product such as the elbows, knees, ankles and wrists. By adding hydration to these areas first, they are less likely to soak up excess tanning product and turn you orange!


  • Always use a tanning mitt to apply. This will save you from the tell-tale signs of a fake tan! You avoid the dreaded oompa loompa hands. Plus, a mitt provides a far more even application than your hands ever could!
  • Try to apply in front of a mirror. It allows you to see clearly where you have applied and where you’ve missed.
  • Keep an old towel nearby when you tan. Once you’ve applied product all over, you can use it to rub off the excess that builds up at your knees, ankles, hands and wrists.
  • Once you’ve applied your tan, the longer you can leave it to develop, the better. I like to apply mine before bed and let it develop overnight before I wash it off in the morning. Just be sure to wear long pants and a shirt to bed to protect your sheets!


  • Moisturise, moisturise, moisturise! This is the golden rule to making your tan last – be it natural or fake! Give your body a quick hit of hydration at least once a day to avoid your tan looking cracked, scaly or flaky. The moment your skin becomes dehydrated, your tan will become patchy.
  • For an extra little boost, maintain your glow with a gradual tan! These products are a combination of a moisturiser with a light tanning agent. You can get the moisture up while slowly maintain the depth of colour you have on day one!


We love our glow, but we know it’s important to tan safely. To help you savour your Summer glow, we’re giving away a huge JBronze pack for one lucky winner on Instagram!

Head here to see how easy it is to enter!

Rachel x

Image Credit: JBronze Instagram

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