Student Profile: Brittany Antonio

After finishing school on the Central Coast of NSW, everyone expected Brittany to follow an academic path, but she had other plans! Now she owns a thriving freelance make-up business and is building a fast growing Instagram following. We had the pleasure of talking to her about all things business, study and where to from here!

Name: Brittany Antonio

Age: 19

What course are you studying?  

  • Diploma of Specialist Makeup Services

Where are you in your course? 

  • Graduated

Give us a quick backstory:  

Ever since I can remember I’ve loved everything makeup and beauty. I was initially interested in art, however, when I started high school my passion for make-up sparked. Once I finished year 12 I had to make the tricky decision of what to do next. I enrolled with the Australasian College Broadway to study make-up and completed my course while also starting my own freelance business on the side.

What made you decide to pursue your passion in this industry?  

Art and make-up have always been something that I’ve loved. When I finished school though, I felt pressured by others (especially my teachers) to go to university and get a ‘better job’. In high school, I studied very hard and finished with a really good score so it was definitely a hard decision. I decided that, at the end of the day, I’ll be the one doing this job and in such an ever-changing and creative industry, how can you get bored? I see so many people doing jobs for the money or studying something because their parents want them to and not enjoying it. It makes working so much more exciting when you love what you do and you feel more inspired to succeed.

Where are you now in your career? What dreams or plans do you have in the future? 

Since graduating from College, I have started my own business as a freelance artist, doing make-up for events, weddings and formals. Ultimately, I’d love to have my own studio with beautiful white walls, mirrors everywhere and big window with heaps of natural light, a place where my clients feel pampered and where I can share my skills with other aspiring artists and people who would love to know how to do their own make-up well. It’s also an aspiration of mine to create my own line of make-up and brushes.

What advice would you give to anyone looking at pursuing a career in the industry? 

The more you practice the better you will get. I’ve only been doing this for a year so I still have so much to learn myself, but I’ve learnt the most from practicing on different people with different skin types, colours and ages.

Another tip is to let people know that you are doing make-up via Instagram, Facebook or a website where you can display all of your work. It’s such a useful tool to utilise because social media is everything these days!

My last piece of advice is to find your own style and work your butt off to perfect it. Whether its body painting, glamour makeup or special effects, if you have something that is your signature style people will remember you by it.

What advice would you give potential students thinking of studying at the College? 

Go for it! It’s the best decision I’ve ever made. I enjoyed the course so much. There are endless opportunities to excel in and gain experience with as they offer programs such as the TAC blogging, the Drags and Divas night, Iconic Movies event and many more. During my time as a blogger I was offered incredible opportunities such as doing make-up for a photo shoot with Collective Magazine, listening to Lisa Messenger speak and also getting the chance to ask her questions about her success as an author and entrepreneur. The College itself is beautiful and the teachers are amazing. If I was to say one thing that stood out to me, it was that they offer VET fee payment. I’m sure many don’t have tuition fees readily available upfront, so it allows people to get their Diploma no matter what their situation. The environment at the College is so welcoming and they emphasise from the start that it doesn’t matter what age, gender or sexuality you are, everyone is equal.

Support Brittany’s amazing work by checking out her Instagram here.

Brittany studied the Diploma of Specialist Make-up Services (CUF50407) at the Australasian College Broadway RTO Code 6980

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