Stripping Is The New Strobing

There’s a new makeup trend on the block and we are all about it! While we still adore a flawless contour, and we just managed to master strobing, our eyes are now set on ‘stripping’.

Also known as sun-stripping, this technique is all about that natural sun-kissed glow.

It’s ridiculously simple and, chances are, you’re not going to need to head out and purchase new products to keep up to do (although we’re not judging if you do!).

Here’s how to tackle this new technique;

  1. Take a bronzer, preferably matte or at least with minimal shimmer, and a buffing brush.
  2. Tap excess product off the brush first, otherwise you will end up with a blotchy and heavy application.
  3. Begin by applying to the apple of your cheek and take it up on to the nose. You want to create a band from one cheek to the other.
  4. Blend the edges of your band of bronzer for a natural effect.
  5. Using the same technique, apply a little bronzer to the rest of your high points, mainly just above your temples and brow.

Tip: Don’t go overboard. Bronzer overload will leave you looking like an oompa loompa – not the desired effect!

What do you think of the stripping technique? We’re up for anything that will prolong our Summer Glow now that we’ve moved into Autumn.

Don’t forget to enter our #TACBGlow competition before it closes, and go in the running to win the ultimate bronze and tanning kit from JBronze!

Rachel x

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