Four Weird Backstage MUA Tricks

Make-up Artists are a creative bunch – not just in their work but the methods they use to get there. Ask any successful make-up artist and they’ll tell you the importance of being resourceful. You should always be able to make do with what you find around you, and it’s because of this that we’ve seen some brilliant effects and genius hacks emerge from the backstage of a fashion show. Not everything has to be used as you once thought!


One of the most versatile products you can keep in your kit. Some make-up artists have been known to keep sachets of sugar (the ones you see on café tables) in their kits in order to whip up a lip scrub with Vaseline. Not only is this cheap and portable for a show, it’s also super easy to do at home!

Green Tea:

We all know how beneficial green tea is – its natural antioxidants and caffeine make it a healthier alternative to your morning coffee as a pick me up. But did you know they’ve saved many a model from puffy eyes. Artists have kept green tea bags in their kit for this very task – as well as their own little pick me up, I assume. Simply brew the tea, allow them to cool and place over the model’s eyes. The caffeine will actively brighten and the antioxidants will nourish and soothe the skin.

Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream:

It’s a hero product of many, but this tip isn’t so much to do with its ability to moisturise any surface, but its cosmetic value. It has, in fact, been used to create the super on trend ‘glossy lid’ look. Makeup is applied as usual and the cream then goes over the top to maintain the super chic runway look while remaining easy on the eye area.

Makeup Remover:

While this is still technically being used for its intended purpose, we’re not talking about taking makeup off at the end of the show but for the show. It turns out that lived in, effortlessly undone look we envy is exactly that – undone. Artists have used eye makeup remover and wipes in the past to remove perfectly polished makeup and left the remnants. The result is a ‘between shows’ look that can’t be faked. Artists have also used the likes of moisturiser to a similar effect. Try lining the lashes with a soft brown pencil and blending a little with a firm bristled brush. Then take a cotton tip dipped in moisturiser to diffuse the pencil further, leaving you with an incredibly natural, lived in look. So simple!

Have you heard on any wacky or out there uses that make-up artists have dreamed up for their looks? Share them with us so we can try them as well!

Rachel x

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