Student Profile: Tina Billiau

Tina Billiau, 43, Certificate III in Hairdressing.

After moving from Germany in 2008 to raise her kids in Australia, Tina is finally pursuing her passion for hair. Through her passion and commitment, she is currently studying part time at the College, raising two children and has also landed the ultimate work experience in the world renowned hair artist, Franck Provost’s salon in Sydney CBD. This year, Tina has been nominated for the Schwarzkopf Professional Hair Expo award for Student of the Year.

What made you decide to pursue your passion in the industry?

I feel that being able to express yourself through any art form is amazing. In my case, my art form is hairdressing. I always wanted to become a hairdresser, I just did not do it when I was younger. Now is the right time for me; I am 43 years old and I’m fulfilling my dreams.

Where are you now in your career? What dreams or plans do you have in the future?

Right now I am near the end of my Certificate III in Hairdressing at the Australasian College Broadway. In January 2015, I started working at Franck Provost in the city, a very respectable salon. Right now I am enjoying working with amazing people.

My dream is to own my own salon here in Sydney. I’ve still got a long way to go before that, so I’m enjoying every moment on my way. I appreciate everyone who helps me; other hairstylists, educators, my hair models, friends and family.

What advice would you give to anyone looking at pursuing a career in the industry?

First and foremost, have passion. Your education doesn’t end with graduation. You’ll learn the technical aspects of your profession in college, but you’ll refine your skills in your everyday work with clients. Don’t give up; be persistent and believe in yourself. Also, remember to listen to your clients and learn what they like.

It is important to really understand the basics of hair as well. Learn how to shape, create structure, and know movement. It is like building a house – it’s all about the foundation. Don’t be afraid to try something new.

What advice would you give potential students thinking of studying at the College?

Learn to be strong and ignore the lies your mind likes to create to hold you back. If you do this you find the freedom to follow your passion and go far.

If you have chosen this College, you made a good choice. There are great people here with unbelievable stories, amazing talents and you can become a part of it all.

Believe in yourself; be passionate; have faith and work hard.


Tina is currently finishing her Certificate III in Hairdressing (SIH30111) at the Australasian College Broadway RTO Code 6980.

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