Is Acupuncture For Me?

Acupuncture is fast gaining traction in the Western world, despite being practiced for thousands of years. Originating in China, it focuses on the yin and yang concept of balance and harmony. Read More

Three Essentials For Platinum Hair

If you’ve made the decision to go all the way to platinum blonde, I’m sure you’re under no illusion that your hair care routine needs to take a step up. Bleached hair is usually taken to a very fragile and dehydrated state. Here are three very important items you need to purchase to give your hair health and longevity. Read More

MAC Shades Explained

While they are some of the most commonly used products in the bags of make-up artists, MAC foundations can be mighty tricky to get your shade down pat.

With their various number and letter combinations, it’s easy to end up getting brain-fuzz and walking away. However, there is a rhyme to their reason and, if you can get the key factors straight, it will be smooth sailing in your MAC shopping! Read More

5 Tips To Help You Get More Out Of Your Study Time

Studying is an inevitable part of the student life, but it doesn’t have to be a painful experience! Studying is very important and helps us to be more prepared for our in-class assignments and exams. To get the most out of your study time, follow my top 5 study tips! Read More

My TACB Student Experience: Marisa Robinson

On the 9th August 2014 I walked into a classroom full of 16-20 something year old students ready to start learning about make-up. It was definitely an eye opener to come in as a mature age student who worked full time. It was so interesting getting to know everyone and learn more about their hopes, dreams and what brought them to study the Diploma of Specialist Make-up at The Australasian College Broadway. Read More

Counting Nutrients, Not Calories

At TACB, we fully endorse a life of Health and Wellness. We believe that this comes from nourishing and nurturing the body you have.

Now, while this isn’t going to be specifically a post about weight loss, it needs to be acknowledged that the majority of people count calories in order to maintain or lose weight. There has, however, been a developing shift in how people perceive calories’ role in the food we eat. People are gaining an understanding that counting calories can actually be detrimental to losing weight and have a more wide-reaching effect on your health. Read More

Hair Masks For Winter

With the cooler weather closing in, a lot of us are facing the impending struggle of dry, limp and lifeless hair. Yes, a drop in humidity means no more dreaded frizz for a few months, but it also means a lack of moisture in general.

While there are certain steps you can take to keeping your hair in tip top condition, one of the best and more efficient methods is a direct treatment. Read More

Essence vs Serum: What’s The Difference?

Lately we’ve been taking a lot of our skincare cues from Korea, and for good reason. Koreans have developed their skincare routine into a form of art. The result is absolutely stunning skin and some wonderfully innovative products and devices.

Products originally developed for the Asian skincare market are slowly filtered through to our own shelves. One product that’s making waves is essence. But when it comes to understanding what essence does, there’s some confusion around its difference to a serum. Today, we’re looking at both products to help you figure out which is better suited to your skincare needs! Read More

When Should You Post To Instagram?

In the endless quest to get your name known and your pictures seen, it’s becoming more and more of an important question; When should I be posting to Instagram?

We answer all of your Insta posting questions in today’s post, covering everything from the best day of the week, to how often a day. Read More