When Should You Post To Instagram?

In the endless quest to get your name known and your pictures seen, it’s becoming more and more of an important question; When should I be posting to Instagram?

We answer all of your Insta posting questions in today’s post, covering everything from the best day of the week, to how often a day.

There’s something you should know about Instagram: with the proper use of hashtags, the moment you post an image shouldn’t affect your audience response too much. When you hashtag effectively, your image should be found by the right people regardless if they scrolling through at the exact time that you post it.

However, there are certain guidelines that you can follow which can help optimise your response, not to mention keep you on a regular track (which is important in maintaining a following).

When to post:

While you will find all sorts of reports and claims out there online, there is no particular day that is better than others to post. It’s more often the time of day that you upload to Instagram that makes a difference.

Timing is not as important as it once was now that users are becoming more savvy with hashtags. There does seem to be a faster response rate during commute hours, when you have a captive audience; never underestimate the power of a boring daily commute to and from work or school. To hit these targets, try posting between 7 – 9 in the AM and then 4 – 6 in the PM. Hint: If you aren’t able to post at these times, try scheduling apps such as Schedugram to make sure your image goes up at the optimum time!

Weekends are a little different; the best time to post is when people are more likely to be eating. We like to refer to them as ‘lazy eating times’ as they tend to be a little later than your average weekday. Instead of breakfast, aim for ‘brunch’ hours and a late lunch (2pm). Weekends will find more people using Instagram throughout the day.

How often should I be posting?

Whether you are attempting to grow your audience or maintain it, you should be attempting to post every day. This means that your content is continually out there for people to see. It also means that, for those who already follow you, your content is regularly in their feed. If you are irregular, or your posts are few and far between, people will lose interest in you. Aim to stay current and fresh.

If you are just starting out, aim for at least one image per day. You can build this up as you grow and create more content. Don’t go in, all guns blazing, and run out of quality content straight away. Quality over quantity is important! If you can develop a regular routine of posting 1 – 3 good quality images per day, you will notice a huge difference in the response your account receives.

There isn’t exactly a maximum of images that you should post each day. Just make sure that, if you are posting a lot of pictures within 24 hours, they are not of the same thing. Keep them different, fresh and original. Too much of the same thing will seem boring and people will feel spammed.

Have you found a posting schedule that works for you? Share with us below!

Rachel x

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