Hair Masks For Winter

With the cooler weather closing in, a lot of us are facing the impending struggle of dry, limp and lifeless hair. Yes, a drop in humidity means no more dreaded frizz for a few months, but it also means a lack of moisture in general.

While there are certain steps you can take to keeping your hair in tip top condition, one of the best and more efficient methods is a direct treatment.

We’re talking hair masks. You could go out and spend a hefty sum on the plethora of masks on the market, however you might be surprised to know you have everything you need in your kitchen.

Maybe you’ve made your own hair mask before, maybe you haven’t. Whatever the case, getting your DIY on this Winter will save your wallet and your locks.

We’ve got three DIY hair mask recipes below to keep your hair bouncy and shiny all the way through the cooler months!

Hair Mask-01.jpg

Ingredient Benefits:

Avocado: hydrates and nourishes follicle, adds life back to dull hair.

Egg: hydrates and restores condition, adds shine and promotes growth.

Olive oil: moisturises, adds radiance back to dry and brittle hair.

Honey: restorative, hydrates and gives glow.

Yoghurt: full of antioxidants, hydrates and regulates oil production

Banana: strengthens follicle, regulates oil and restores condition to dry and damaged hair.

Coconut oil: hydrates, conditions and softens.


We can’t wait to see you get your DIY on and create your own hair treatments! Show us by tagging #TACB on Instagram!


Rachel x


Main Image Credit: Fakander

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