My TACB Student Experience: Marisa Robinson

On the 9th August 2014 I walked into a classroom full of 16-20 something year old students ready to start learning about make-up. It was definitely an eye opener to come in as a mature age student who worked full time. It was so interesting getting to know everyone and learn more about their hopes, dreams and what brought them to study the Diploma of Specialist Make-up at The Australasian College Broadway.

As a full time worker, it was great that the College provided the course on a Saturday. It didn’t interfere with work commitments and I still got my make-up fix each week. It was a great experience being taught by talented teachers who work in the industry and it really broadened my knowledge and taught me so many new techniques and make-up styles.

I had always had a passion for make-up but as the course went on it got stronger and stronger. I decided to consider pursing make-up as a career. I signed up to as many work experience opportunities as I could and they provided me with hands on experience in the industry which was so valuable to my growth as a make-up artist. Learning on the job definitely gives you a clearer understanding of what is expected of you as an artist in the real world and it was amazing that the College offered so many opportunities.

I had so many fun experiences throughout my time at TACB but here are 3 of my favourites:

TACB Student Experience2.jpg

1. Lisa Messenger Blogger Brunch

I have been a big fan of The Collective Magazine since it hit the news-stands, so when it was announced that the founder, Lisa Messenger, was having a Blogger Brunch at the College, I knew I had to attend. It was such an inspirational talk. She shared her journey, honest truths, ups and downs and the TACB Student Bloggers (at the time) even had the opportunity to ask her questions which was so valuable to me as a make-up artist in the making and aspiring beauty blogger.

The key lesson I took from Lisa was to ‘fail fast’ – the sooner you make the mistake, the faster you will learn and not make it again.

TACB Student Experience3

2. MBFWA Raffles Showcase

This day is by far the greatest in my make-up career to date. The buzz of working backstage doing make-up at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Australia for the Raffles International Showcase is something I will never forget. It was fast paced, the hours literally felt like minutes and getting to work in a great team headed up by a professional make-up artist was such an amazing experience.

I learnt that day that a set bag is essential when working backstage. You will be working on models all around the room, touch ups will be required and there is not a minute to waste!

TACB Student Experience4.jpg

3. Class #1422 Catwalk Show

I remember being told about the catwalk assessment during my first lesson and I was so excited for it to come around! The assessment works by everyone coming up with their own theme and concept and presenting it to the class and then, as a class, we decide which theme we want for our catwalk show. It was so awesome bringing the concept to life with my classmates. From the make-up looks to the music, costumes and props, it was an awesome accomplishment seeing each of our looks walk the runway individually and collectively as a team.

Team work and communication were definitely key for this assessment and it was a great learning experience.

Now, 18 months later, I hand in my final assessment, say goodbye to the College and get ready to make my mark as a qualified make-up artist!

Marisa Robinson





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