Three Essentials For Platinum Hair

If you’ve made the decision to go all the way to platinum blonde, I’m sure you’re under no illusion that your hair care routine needs to take a step up. Bleached hair is usually taken to a very fragile and dehydrated state. Here are three very important items you need to purchase to give your hair health and longevity.

1. Silver shampoo.

If you haven’t already heard of this miracle in a bottle (where have you been?) then it’s time to head out and save yourself some time and money. Silver shampoo is essentially an at home toner in shampoo form. As a rule, it appears as a metallic blue or purple shade and so can seem a little daunting to newbies. This colour actually acts to counteract any yellow or brassy tones, hence leaving you with that much more desired ‘silver’ tone. Don’t stress, one use of this isn’t going to give you’re a hair colour to rival your grandma. It’s really just something to knock back those unwanted tones and keep your hair colour salon fresh.

2. Sulphate-free shampoo.

It’s highly recommended, that once you reach peak platinum you switch out your normal shampoo and condition to a sulphate-free option. These products aren’t as harsh and don’t strip your hair of its essential natural oils. Given that you locks are already in a state of intense dehydration, you should be looking for a more gentle cleanse to keep as much condition up as possible. You can read more about sulphate-free shampoo here to see if you think it’s right for you!

3. Tangle-teezer.

I’m not saying you have to buy this specific brand, but getting yourself a detangling brush will make the world of difference. The moment you lighten your hair, even just with foils, you’ll notice an increase in how knotty your hair gets. The day I went platinum was the day I really learned what split ends were. The combination of fragile, brittle hair and knots can only mean one thing: breakage. Go easy on your hair and gently get those knots out with a brush made for the job and you will notice a difference. Trust me.

Do you have any platinum must-haves? Share your favourites with us!

Rachel x


Main Image Credit: Emily Rose Hannon

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