Make-up For Men

While the world of make-up is incredibly female-focused, as a make-up artist you will also be required to apply make-up on men as well.

Photoshoots, runway, film, and theatre – all of these areas will find you working on male faces so it’s important to understand what you’re doing.

While you might be more frequently working on female faces, men’s make-up is actually incredibly simple to do. There are some differences though, and some tricks you ought to keep in mind when you apply. Read More

How To Deal With Negativity Online

In this day and age, the majority of us are online. In the beauty, hair and make-up industry, the majority of us use multiple platforms, whether it be a blog, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. Unfortunately, that means you are also open to criticism and it’s not always easy to handle.

So we’ve come up with a guide to help you deal with any negativity you receive on the world wide web. Read More

Ingredients Your Hair Loves

We hear a lot about ingredients to avoid these days. Whether it be in our skincare, make-up, packaged foods, the list is ever-growing. While it’s important to know the things that are harmful and damaging, it’s also just as important to know the things that are good for our health.

Take your hair for example. I’m willing to bet that there are some foods that you just love to see on your plate and you would happily go back for seconds. Why should your hair be any different? Read More

Celebs Who Rock Freckles: And Why You Should Too

For those of you out there who are, believe it or not, blessed with freckles, we know that most have a tendency to resent their little spots.

We all know that it all comes down to the fact that everyone wants what they don’t have. But there are so many ways that you can rock your freckles, and we’re enlisting the help of some of our fave celebrities who embrace theirs, to help you gain inspiration to do the same. Read More

Start Posting Quality Instagram Content

With every man and his dog now on Instagram (or should we say every girl and her lipstick), the demand for quality content is as high as it’s ever been. We’re betting you’re aiming for a pristine feed as much as the rest of us, so we’ve enlisted the help of TACB Social Media Specialist, Connie Townsend, to give us the lowdown on how to post amazing Instagram content that people want to see. Read More

How To Have A Productive Day

Wouldn’t it be the best feeling to go to bed each night knowing that you’ve completed everything you intending to achieve that day? How amazing would it be to snuggle into your pillow with the knowledge that you are on track, on top of things and that, tomorrow, you will be just as efficient? Read More

Get the Squeeze on Blackheads

While they might not be as conspicuous as the obvious form of acne, blackheads can be a difficult and embarrassing skin condition to have to deal with. Most of us experience them, in varying degrees, yet not all of us know the best forms of attack.

It’s important to understand that the core of a blackhead is made up of a mixture of dead skin cells, oil and bacteria. As the pore itself is open to the surface of the skin, this core, as it gets pushed upwards, turns a darker brown/black colour as it oxidised upon reaching air.

With this in mind, we’re looking at some of the most efficient steps to treat blackheads and prevent them coming back. Read More

Best Advice At Business & Branding

We’re big believers in carving your own career path at TACB. In fact, we’re so passionate about entrepreneurship that we recently we held a Business & Branding workshop. It was an hour and a half packed full of stories, inspiration, tips and advice. With multiple speakers, those who attended were treated to expert advice ranging from TACB’s own Sales and Marketing Manager, Kelly Nicholas, to people who have worked and built their own businesses within the industry, such as Business Educator and previous salon owner, Susana Pinto. Attendees were even lucky enough to hear from sought-after hair stylist and social media influencer, Natalie Anne, who shared her story and thoughts on smart business in a digital age. Read More

Top Essential Oils For Anxiety

When it comes to soothing the senses and calming the mind, aromatherapy can make a huge difference in the lives of those who suffer from anxiety. The benefits are wide reaching. When we think of essential oils the first world that rolls off anybody’s tongue is usually ‘lavender oil’. Yet there is an abundance of oils are there that can help us to tune out, quiet the mind, improve our sleep and ease our overall anxiety. Read More