Best Advice At Business & Branding

We’re big believers in carving your own career path at TACB. In fact, we’re so passionate about entrepreneurship that we recently we held a Business & Branding workshop. It was an hour and a half packed full of stories, inspiration, tips and advice. With multiple speakers, those who attended were treated to expert advice ranging from TACB’s own Sales and Marketing Manager, Kelly Nicholas, to people who have worked and built their own businesses within the industry, such as Business Educator and previous salon owner, Susana Pinto. Attendees were even lucky enough to hear from sought-after hair stylist and social media influencer, Natalie Anne, who shared her story and thoughts on smart business in a digital age.

It was an information-filled afternoon, with guests leaving with a much clearer vision of where they want to take their brand and business. We want to share all that brilliant business advice with those who were unable to attend so below we’ve compiled the top tips and advice from the day in the hopes that it might help and inspire you even more!



“You are your own brand.”

This is one of Kelly’s favourite quotes and she makes sure she tells it to every single student who walks in the doors at the Australasian College Broadway. The moment you decide to take your passion that one step further, everything that you are and everything that you portray, becomes your brand. Whether you post it to Instagram, say it in the supermarket, wear it on your shirt or are sighted eating dinner somewhere. Whatever image you put out to the world, now reflects straight back on the business you wish to develop. It’s absolutely crucial that you portray the image you want others to see.


“Start small, don’t overreach.”

There are so many people who feel the pressure of starting a business with everything absolutely perfect. They assume that they have to start as if they have been running for a year and, more often than not, that’s just not viable. Having developed two of her own hair salons from the ground up, Susanna recommends starting small. Begin as a mobile business, freelance or work from home. Build your clientele list and then settle in a salon. It can be dangerous ground from a start-up when you’re trying to pay off your new swanky salon space, but haven’t yet got the customers to pay for it.


Natalie Anne:

“Work really hard and stay true to you.”

Successful business implies one thing: hard work. Natalie really is the epitome of this truth. While Instagram might make it seem like her business took flight quickly, Natalie has been working in the hair industry for 15 years. She makes it absolutely clear that nothing will happen unless you work, work, work. And all the while, be sure to stay true to why you first started. Knowing who you are and what you want is essential when keeping on track.

“When struggling for content, fake it til you make it.”

Natalie is known for her amazing Instagram account and she had some brilliant tips and tricks in regards to content, style, posting and more. One of our favourite pieces of advice was all about how to keep posting original content on a regular basis. Her suggestion: fake it. If you haven’t got clients rolling in just yet, why not organise some friends or a model to work on? Photograph your work and keep your Instagram and socials current with frequent posts.

“Switch off.”

The problem with being a creative person is that we find it difficult to switch off. We become absorbed in our projects and, just because we leave the office, it doesn’t mean our minds aren’t still 100% occupied with work. Natalie really presses the importance of disconnecting once you get home. Without this all important time to rest, you face serious burn out.

What’s your favourite piece of business and branding advice that you’ve received? We’d love to know!

Rachel x

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