Start Posting Quality Instagram Content

With every man and his dog now on Instagram (or should we say every girl and her lipstick), the demand for quality content is as high as it’s ever been. We’re betting you’re aiming for a pristine feed as much as the rest of us, so we’ve enlisted the help of TACB Social Media Specialist, Connie Townsend, to give us the lowdown on how to post amazing Instagram content that people want to see.

First and foremost, think about the pics you’re posting.

“It’s important to make sure the images are relevant to you and your brand” Connie says.

If you’re developing a make-up account, with brilliant product shots and reviews, a photo of you walking your dog might not be what your followers are looking for. On top of that, Connie advises to keep it professional. “Don’t go posting your weekend party shenanigans on your professional feed. Instead, create a separate personal account.”

Ultimately, you should be looking at your feed each time you go to post something and ask yourself: ‘Does this photo fit in with everything else that’s already up?’

Make sure you include original content.

“This could be of your salon or workplace, products, flatlays, etc.” Connie says. That’s not to say you can’t repost other people’s images – just be sure to credit anything that isn’t yours! However, it’s important that your feed contains a lot of ‘you’ – why else would people choose to follow you if they kind your content elsewhere?

We love a tip that Natalie Anne gave when she spoke here at TACB and that is to create bulk content. If you’re a hair stylist but have run out of images, call up some friends or organise a model and do a day of bulk styling simply to create content imagery!

It’s all about the image quality.

“With so many people posting photos to Instagram now, a crisp high resolution image stands out from the crowd,” advises Connie. “There is nothing wrong with using your phone as they can take good quality photos these days, but if you want a little more of a professional finish, using a camera can give you a beautifully precise photo and can be edited on your computer.”

Having said that, there are so many amazing apps that you can use to edit straight from your phone! Some of our favourites to use are A Color Story (for bold and sharp images), Afterlight and VSCO (for finer details and filters) and FaceTune (not just for faces but also great for blurry and cleaning up backgrounds).

“Using apps effectively can make or break your image,” warns Connie.

Take the time to edit your photos properly and don’t just throw something up for the sake of posting.

Top Picture Tips-01.jpg

Don’t forget to combine these tips with our first Instagram Advice series: When To Post To Instagram. You’ll be gaining high quality traction on your account before you know it!

Rachel x

Main Image Source: Danielle Mansutti Instagram

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