Staff Profile: Andrea Damyon, Make-up Trainer

Andrea Damyon, Make-up Trainer

Who is she?

Andrea has had her hand in almost every part of the make-up industry. From films such as Australia to television series like Dancing with the Stars, My Kitchen Rules, Special Ops and Gladiators. More recently, she has found her niche in Editorial, Beauty and Bridal, working on shows at MBFWA, David Jones runway, Sydney Bridal, Hair Expo and Beauty Expo.

Andrea works closely with Australian digital influencers such as: Natalie Roser, Belle Lucia, Gabby Epstein, Shiralee Coleman, Lydia Simonis and Bonnie Cee. In 2015, Andrea was nominated as a finalist for Makeup Artist of the Year at the Australian Beauty Industry Awards and the Australian Hair Fashion Awards along with nominations for Bridal Makeup Artist of the year in both NSW and VIC.

Andrea’s signature look is good skin and enhancing one’s true beauty.

What lead you to become a Make-up Artist?

It was a natural progression; I’ve been playing with makeup since I was little.

It wasn’t until I studied it at college that I realised I could turn it into my career. From the moment I finished studying I was on film and TV sets and working within the fashion industry.

What do you find most exciting about your work?

Being able to travel and experience different places, and work with different faces every time I go to a shoot. My job has taken me from Sydney to London and many more places in-between.

As a new Makeup Trainer at the Australasian College Broadway, I’m loving that I get to teach and educate others. It is something I have been working towards for many years and, in the future, I plan to educate on a larger platform, both within the College and on social media outlets. Stay tuned!

What is your most memorable moment in the Industry?

I was living in London and I attended the Dolce & Gabbana afterparty and I met [make-up legend]  Pat McGrath. She was so sweet and amazing to talk to. I have been around many celebrities and she was the only one where I have been completely star-struck.

What are your top three tips to somebody looking to get into the Industry?

  1. Work Hard
  2. Have a positive attitude… Always
  3. Don’t give up

What is the best piece of advice you have received?

You are your own business card- so utilise it. Think about how you come across as an individual in all forms of business. For example:

Social media-Marketing

On set- Do you arrive on time & have a great attitude?

Are you easy to work with?

Do you practice safe and hygienic procedures?

What can you improve on?

And most importantly when you make a mistake… it’s okay. Fix it and learn from it.

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