Four Steps To Your Ultimate Brow Look

Great brows have always been a fashion statement, despite the differing styles over the decades.

So we’re sharing our top tips to creating the best brows to suit you without all the fuss of hundreds of products and tools. Read More

How To Deal With Split Ends

We’ve all be there – the point where you look at your locks and wonder why it just looks so dry and dull. More often than not, if you take a closer look, the less than favourable appearance of your hair will come down to split ends. Read More

Four Aussie Girl Bosses

This week TACB Student Blogger, Taylor, celebrates some amazing female Aussie entrepreneurs and looks at how they built a business from the ground up! Read More

Business Skills & Business Knowledge: A Diploma of Salon Management

Running a business is not just about having a flair for the craft; you might be an incredible masseuse, the best hairstylist in town or provide a top-notch facial, but without the correct business plan and structure, you might find yourself struggling to manage the finer details of owning your own business.

The Australasian College Broadway has developed a qualification specifically geared towards those of us in the personal services industry who’ve never managed or founded a business in the hair, beauty and make-up industry. Read More

Meet Annette Williams; TACB Marketing Coordinator

At TACB we are strong believers in the fact that there is always more than one way to do something. If one way doesn’t work, we look for another. When a door closes, we try the window.

We find a lot of people struggle accepting this concept when it comes to their education, with countless examples of people attending university, after being assured it’s the only way to get them their dream career, only to find out that what they studied really isn’t for them. Read More

Cutting Back Your Sugar

There is an ever growing buzz around sugar these days, with more people understanding the dangerous effects it can have on our health.

The problem is that it can become very difficult to avoid sugar when it sneaks into the most unexpected places. From our bread and milk, to our sauces and any packaged foods. In fact, generally speaking, if your food is coming from anywhere other than the fresh produce and meat aisles of your supermarket, it more than likely has added sugar.

So how do you avoid it when it appears to be everywhere?

We have some top tips on how to cut back your intake!

Read More

Glitter Roots: How To Tutorial

TACB Student Blogger Britany Van De Putte runs us through an easy tutorial to achieve the ultimate festival trend: Glitter Hair Roots! Read More

Six Steps To Hashtags

Hashtags have almost merged into our everyday speech these days. Instantly recognisable as part of #socialmedia, hashtags can drastically improve your personal or professional brand online. You just have to know how to use them.

That’s why we’ve put together the top six steps to using hashtags online to boost your traffic, grow your following and get yourself seen by more people. Read More

Best Vampy Lips

It’s safe to say we are now officially in Winter mode and that means woolly knits, our faithful boots and vampy lips. It’s a Winter must and today we’re talking our favourite products to get the ultimate lip shade this season! Read More