TACB Graduate Profile: Tashi Honnery

At just 21,  TACB Graduate Tashi Honnery is a bodypainter, make-up artist and all-round creative force who’s living the dream in L.A!

After graduating with a Diploma of Specialist Make-up Services from TACB, Tashi dabbled in all aspects of the art and make-up world (including overseeing her first bodypaint workshop, our Vivid Sydney inspired workshop & photoshoot) before packing her bags and heading to Hollywood.

Read more about this incredible artist’s journey into the industry. 

What led you to become a Make-up/ Body Paint Artist?

I have always known that I would do ‘something’ with art, I just never knew exactly what that would be. I’ve always painted and drawn on things, including my own face, then once I started Make-up in 2013 I pushed those ‘make-up’ boundaries to find bodypainting and there was no turning back.

Learning at TACB really showed me that the Make-up world doesn’t have to end at foundation and a smoky eye; there is no end to it and I will forever be thankful for TACB for putting up with my insane ideas and pushing the briefs to the point where it could ALMOST be unaccepted!

What are you doing in your career now?

Right now I am living in LA working in all different aspects in the industry (music videos, photoshoots, modelling, editorials), with so many inspiring artists I’ve looked up to but never expected I’d get the chance to work with.

I am about to go to the World Bodypainting Festival for the 3rd year. Then I’ll be doing some shoots in London and Berlin and then back to USA to continue! I’ve applied for a USA Artist Visa so hopefully I’ll be able to stay in LA creating and exploring.

Have you pursued additional study since graduating from TACB?

I have! In spontaneously coming to the States last year, I decided I wanted to learn advanced Special Effects techniques and skills, so I enrolled at Cinema Makeup School in Hollywood. That experience really opened so many doors into the film industry and to learn the amount of work that goes into all the films we watch was just amazing!

What do you find most exciting about your work?

I love that it is limitless; there are no boundaries and for me, it is not work. It is an incredible adventure every day and I don’t know where it will lead me. I love that it allows me to control what I do in my life, where I live and travel. Last month I was on a plane every week for 3 weeks; San Francisco for Dollskill, Las Vegas for Cirque Du Soleil then New York for an editorial. I still can’t believe how lucky I am that this is the direction my life is going.

What has been your most memorable moment in the industry?

My most memorable moment… would STILL have to be the first time I finished my bodypaint submission at the World Bodypainting Festival in 2014. It was such an incredible sense of achievement and I could not believe that I had completed it!

Best life advice?

There are a few things that I go by that I find so important:

  • You don’t have to go by the rules or by protocols of what is ‘right’; whatever makes you happy in life, no matter how weird it seems, GO FOR IT!
  • Just do… don’t sit planning and thinking about pros and cons or whatever, just do it! That’s the only way you will find out if it’s what you want.

The last is very important, it is something that I have learnt and am still learning:

You can’t forget the past but you don’t have to dwell on it. Acknowledge the past but don’t let it control where you go in your life.

Just don’t hold back; that’s boring and boring is the worst!

Make sure you check out the photoshoot and video of the Vivid Sydney inspired workshop that Tashi ran at TACB!

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