Mid Year Goals

Somehow, we’re already reaching the middle of the year. Where did that come from, you ask? Don’t worry, we’re asking ourselves the same thing!

How are you feeling about the year so far? Are you ticking off all your goals and resolutions that you made back in January? Well done you if you are!

If you’ve reached the middle of the year and you’re unsure how you got to this point that’s completely normal! A lot of us find that, while we may have started with the best of intentions at the beginning of the year, things can work out differently. Life always throws a curve-ball at us!

Whether you’re feeling completely on track and in control, or fumbling through with no clear goal, each of us can benefit from creating a midyear goal checklist.

Maybe you did this during the new year period as you planned for the year ahead. Now is the perfect time to check in on those goals and intentions and see where you are.

Grab a pen and paper and take the time to reflect on and answer the thoughts below.


Are you feeling satisfied?

Whether you are ticking off boxes in your bucket-list or haven’t made a single move on any of your new year resolutions, what matters most is whether you feel happy and content. If the fact that you never took up belly dancing classes, despite your insistence that you would be a pro by the end of the year, doesn’t really faze you, then you really needn’t worry!

If, on the other hand, you started your first year of uni only to realise that the career you’ve chosen is not for you and you can’t imagine spending a single day working in it, perhaps there are some changes to be made.


What were your goals and intentions at the beginning of the year?

Whether you made resolutions or not, what were you hoping to achieve this year? Did you want to start a blog? Maybe you hoped to travel by the end of the year. Take note of what you envisaged for yourself.


What have you achieved?

Write down and tick off all of the goals that you set out for yourself and achieved in the last 6 months. It might be one of the goals from above – or it might be something that came up out of the blue but that you’ve conquered anyway! You deserve a sense of achievement, so make sure to write down everything that you have managed to complete and achieve!

Image Credit: Desk Goals

What worked and what didn’t?

It’s such an important question to ask yourself. Looking beyond what you managed to achieve, as well as considering those that you haven’t completed yet, think about what you did to make it work. Were you efficient with your time management? Did acting on your gut instinct make you more productive than your usual procrastinating? What were the things you did to get you ticking off goals as they are the methods to stick with for the rest of the year?

On the other hand, you should also consider what didn’t work for you. There are always ways we can improve and, sometimes, something is just not right for you. It could be something simple like you wanted to exercise more but you set your gym sessions on the same day as you biggest workload for class. Maybe you took a risk and moved to the other side of the country, only to find that being away from all of your family and friends doesn’t allow you to work at your optimum level.

Pinpoint the things that work for you and the things that don’t. Understanding these points will make a big difference, not just for the rest of the year, but in life.


What do you wish to focus on now?

This can be a daunting topic for some as it’s so broad it can be difficult to pinpoint an answer. To help with this, I’ve split it down into categories to think about.


What goals do you want to achieve toward your career path this year; when you close your eyes, what’s the first image that springs to mind when you consider your dream job?

Are you in a corporate office being the ultimate #girlboss?

Are you at home in your PJs writing away with cat on your lap?

Maybe you get an image of being in the jungle somewhere in South America helping endangered animals.

Grab onto that subconscious image and start to consciously expand on it.


Is there a friendship that has been neglected?

Do you want to make an effort to catch up with school friends?

Do you want to meet new people?

Strengthen relations with your boss?

Rekindle the romance between you and your significant other?


What skills would you like to develop?

Is there anything you need to work on for professional development?

Are you wanting to conquer your public skills?

Do you want to better your photography or learn more about 19th century art movements?

What do you want to learn more of?


What stories do you want to tell you grandchildren?

What sites do you want to have seen?

Have you dreamt of volunteering on a coral reef protection program?

Do you daydream of walking through Paris streets, despite having never set foot in Europe?


What are the things that bring you the greatest pleasure in life?

Is it spending time having a quiet night in?

Is it exploring nature on a hike?

Is it sitting around a cheese board with your BFFs?

Imagine your perfect day, filled with everything that makes you happy and pinpoint the things that you can implement more frequently in you everyday life.


Once you have considered the above areas, write down which area/areas you intend to focus on throughout the rest of the year and what your ultimate goal is those categories.

Remember, your dreams and passions might be very different now to what they were at the start of the year and that’s completely fine! Not everything lasts forever and we are continually growing, changing and re-prioritising!

Image Credit: Health Lives Here

Implement monthly steps:

It’s one thing to have an ultimate goal in mind, but quite another to put the steps in place to bring it to fruition.

The best way to do so is to break it into achievable steps!

You have six months between now and Christmas. Try thinking of six steps you can take to get you closer to your goal. Assign each of these steps to its own month.

Let’s say you want to work as a qualified freelance make-up artist; your monthly check points might look something like this:

Month 1: Enrol in make-up artistry course.

Month 2: Create ABN and register business name by end of month.

Month 3: Contact three successful freelancers in the industry for advice and find a mentor.

Month 4: Gain work experience in industry and volunteers as assistant to a current artist.

Month 5: Develop regular social media posting schedule to grow audience and client base.

Month 6: Learn how to invoice and create a price list for services.


Rachel x


Main Image Credit: Emma Kate Co

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