Glitter Roots: How To Tutorial

TACB Student Blogger Britany Van De Putte runs us through an easy tutorial to achieve the ultimate festival trend: Glitter Hair Roots!

Products needed:

  • Glitter – I bought some loose glitter from my closest cheap shop. You don’t need expensive glitter for this look.
  • Mixing bowl
  • Tinting Brush
  • Two Hair elastics
  • Hair Gel – Any gel is fine, as long as it’s easy to mix with and will hold the glitter in place.
  • Hair extensions – Optional, as I like thick looking buns


Step One:

Style your hair in the way that you would like, but make sure there is a definitive parting. I like to part my hair in the middle and do two space buns on either side.

Step two:

Add some hair gel into your bowl and mix in your glitter. The amount of glitter that you want to use is completely up to you – the bolder the look the more glitter you will need. Make sure you have enough gel in your mixing bowl to cover the area of hair that you are glittering.

Step Three:

Now you can start applying! Using the tinting brush, apply the glitter mixture to your roots where you have made the parting and leave it to dry.

You are now ready to hit the streets and show everyone your amazing glitter roots!


Main Image Credit: Lily England UK

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