Meet Annette Williams; TACB Marketing Coordinator

At TACB we are strong believers in the fact that there is always more than one way to do something. If one way doesn’t work, we look for another. When a door closes, we try the window.

We find a lot of people struggle accepting this concept when it comes to their education, with countless examples of people attending university, after being assured it’s the only way to get them their dream career, only to find out that what they studied really isn’t for them.

The fact is, sometimes you just don’t need a university degree to get yourself in the career that you want most. At TACB, we don’t see ‘university drop-outs’; we see people who are one step closer to getting what they want out of life. You have to fail fast to reach your destination sooner!

To prove our message, we’re starting a brand new series to showcase just what you can achieve through different education pathways, starting off with the perfect example of what passion and hard work can do for you.

We ask TACB’s very own Marketing Co-ordinator, Annette Williams, just how she made her mark on an industry she loves.

What made you go to university?

When I finished high school at 17, I desperately wanted to study make-up. My parents were really keen for me to go to university so I started a Bachelor of Creative Arts. I completed about 2 years of it before I finally realised it just wasn’t what I wanted to do.

What path did you decide to take after leaving uni?

I’ve always had some sort of sales & marketing focused job, so I kept working, trying different roles but nothing really caught my interest. At one point I made the decision that I had to study something so I could get my career on track and it was super important that I was actually interested and passionate about whatever I studied. I enrolled in a Diploma of Beauty Therapy and fell in love with the industry.

Where has your new path lead you (so far)?

Since completing my Diploma of Beauty Therapy, I’ve worked within salons, beauty education, beauty & product sales. I’ve managed teams and picked up another Diploma along the way (Marketing).  I’m currently studying part time (Diploma of Specialist Make-up Services and a Diploma of Business) whilst still working in the industry I absolutely love.

I wouldn’t be able to do this job with the same level of passion if I were working for, let’s say, an accounting or building firm; every day is something new, something challenging. I get to be creative and devise projects and strategies, meet incredibly talented people in the industry, play with different product brands and organise photoshoots, events and campaigns.

What were the challenges you experienced upon leaving university?

The biggest challenge for me when I decided to leave uni was probably more about how I imagined I wouldn’t ever be able to create a career where I was successful; it’s always been drummed into me that the only way to get anywhere in your career is by having a university degree.

Now I know that a degree isn’t the only way to get where you want to be and I’m lucky enough to be surrounded by brilliant, creative people who’ve all taken a different path to finding their ultimate career.



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