Business Skills & Business Knowledge: A Diploma of Salon Management

Running a business is not just about having a flair for the craft; you might be an incredible masseuse, the best hairstylist in town or provide a top-notch facial, but without the correct business plan and structure, you might find yourself struggling to manage the finer details of owning your own business.

The Australasian College Broadway has developed a qualification specifically geared towards those of us in the personal services industry who’ve never managed or founded a business in the hair, beauty and make-up industry.

Designed to work with the busy schedule of many therapists and stylists, TACB’s Diploma of Salon Management is relevant to new graduates just starting out in the industry, business owners who are feeling the pressure of managing a start-up or revamping an existing business, and employees who’ve decided to take the next step and become managers or start their own business.

The beauty of TACB’s Diploma of Salon Management is that it can be completed via blended delivery; you have the choice of attending classes in person or learning from home (or the workplace) at a time that suits you; all students can access lessons, recorded lectures and assessments via the online learning management system. Remote students even have the option of participating in live classes via webcam, asking questions in real time and participating in class discussions with their trainer and fellow students.

The Diploma of Salon Management addresses key critical areas of business planning and management.

The greatest make-or-break factor in any business is your most useful resource; your people. Happy staff are motivated staff, and the Diploma covers the importance of effective leadership and people management, including hiring and retaining the right staff for the right roles, providing performance feedback and appraisals, devising incentive programs to continue motivating your staff and of course, how to reassign or let go of staff that aren’t the right fit for your company.

Getting to grips with the legal and financial aspects of a business can often be the most daunting- and challenging. Breaking down this information into an industry-specific context allows you to relate this knowledge to previous workplace experiences, or apply these to your day-to-day practices. The financial component of the modules covers setting realistic sales/ financial targets, monitoring stock levels, cash flow and managing a budget.

Credit: American Design Club

Many business owners in the personal services industry find marketing to be one of the more time consuming (and confusing) aspects of salon/ business management; identifying results-driven, cost effective ways to promote your business can sometimes require some foundation knowledge in marketing, and encouragement to think outside the box. You’ll be able to bounce ideas around and get feedback from trainers and fellow classmates on creative marketing ideas that can implemented immediately or developed for your future business.

Safety and sustainability go hand in hand, particularly in the personal services industry; without effective strategies in place, the financial and legal implications can be huge. Sustainability doesn’t just refer to the environment; there are economic and social issues that are affected by sustainable business practices as well. Gaining an understanding of how sustainability affects your business helps you create systems and procedures to extend your business life cycle, and ensures you can continue to run your business in a productive, efficient way.

Anyone working in the hair and beauty industry knows a lot about health & safety! Additional knowledge relating to best practice and legal requirements means you’ll be able to provide your staff and clients with the best possible experience in your salon business.

Students have the opportunity to utilise their new found knowledge and understanding as they go by developing and formulating a business plan that reflects what they’ve learnt; course trainers are all business owners themselves, with a wealth of first-hand experience and insider information on the rewards and challenges of creating and managing your own business, assisting students in identifying their key goals, ambitions and strategies to achieve them.

For more information about the Diploma of Salon Management, head here to find out more about the Diploma of Salon Management.


Main Image Credit: Alabaster Fox

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