Four Aussie Girl Bosses

This week TACB Student Blogger, Taylor, celebrates some amazing female Aussie entrepreneurs and looks at how they built a business from the ground up!

This week I’m putting the spotlight on 4 of my favourite female Australian entrepreneurs, whose creative hearts and business brains have allowed them to build their own product. Most of you will know these businesses, but I thought I’d tell you a little more about the women behind them and why they are the ultimate girl bosses.

Four Aussie Girl Bosses1

BELLABOX – Emily and Sarah Hamilton

The Bellabox beauty subscription service was the first of its kind in Australia and was a result of the girls’ passion for finding and buying otherwise hard-to-get products in Australia. They owe their success to hard work, determination and forward thinking. A delivery service that allows Australian women to try products before buying them: genius right?! From the humble beginnings of needing to beg companies to provide samples, Bellabox now stocks products from Anastasia Beverly Hills, Al’chemy, Benefit Cosmetics, Clinique, Dermalogica, Guerlain and Sigma. These girls seriously know how to hustle, earning them the title of Aussie Girl Bosses.

Four Aussie Girl Bosses2

SHANGHAI SUZI – Joanna French

After a long hunt overseas for the perfect lipstick, Joanna was frustrated by the lack of options with the quality of an expensive product without the price tag. After returning home to Melbourne to live, Joanna worked 3 jobs to fund her new venture. Since its launch, ‘Shanghai Suzi’ has sold more than 200,000 lipsticks.

Joanna constantly distinguishes herself from the competition by redesigning her collections to match the season current trends. Her vegan, cruelty-free products retail starting at just $14.95, filling the gap in the market for high quality products at an affordable price.

Four Aussie Girl Bosses3

GO-TO SKINCARE – Zoe Forster Blake

Zoe, who is almost as hilarious as her comedian husband Hamish Blake, started her business out of the frustration and confusion she felt when purchasing skincare.  After researching the market extensively and finding out what women loved and hated about their own skincare, Zoe set out to create a brand that was easy to use, accessible and focused on natural products. No confusion, no false promises, just beautiful skincare that does its job. One of Zoe’s top business tips is to forget about the competition and focus on your customer!

Four Aussie Girl Bosses4

MODELCO – Shelley Barrett

ModelCo was born through Shelley’s desire to simplify and speed up the way women do their makeup. More than a decade on, her brand is stocked in over 3,000 stores worldwide. ModelCo products has been backed by ambassadors such as former Victoria Secret Angel, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley.

It wasn’t an easy road for Shelley, as the company had to go into liquidation and be completely rebuilt after the Global Financial Crisis. But through determination and persistence, ModelCo is stronger than ever and has extended its product range, including makeup, skincare and tanning.




Main Image Credit: Zoe Foster Blake

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