Size of the Area, Size of the Brush: Which Brush to Use?

TACB Student Blogger, Zora, helps us figure out which brush to use for the ultimate make-up application. She covers everything from the best foundation brush, to which eyeshadow brush works best.

Hey everyone!

I thought I’d share with you guys one of the many important tips that I have taken away during my time at the Australasian College Broadway. My amazing trainer, Amanda, taught me to remember this simple phrase whenever I’m confused about which brush to use: “Size of the Area, Size of the Brush”. With this tip, you can never go wrong!

Disclaimer: I’ll be listing the brushes that I like to use and what I have found works best for me. You don’t have to use these brushes to get the same results, nor am I saying that the brushes you are using now are wrong. There are so many dupes to these brushes!

Foundation Brushes:

The most common question that I get from clients is ‘Which foundation brush should I use?’ There are so many answers to this question! It all depends on what kind of coverage and finish you want.

  • My favourite brush is the Real Techniques Buffing Brush! It leaves the most flawless finish without leaving streak marks. It is so super easy to build coverage with a brush like this. Plus, it’s so soft and gentle on the face! This brush is great to use on clients.
  • The Limelily Foundation Brush is my favourite flat foundation brush. I love that it’s firm, which makes it so much easier to control. A flat foundation brush can help you achieve a sheer to heavy coverage, depending on how much product you apply. If you find you’re getting stroke marks with a brush like this, use a sponge or BeautyBlender to even out your base.

Which Brush To Use2.png

Concealer Brushes:

Concealer brushes, I think, are great to distribute product. I personally use my fingers to blend under my eyes, but I find these two brushes work just as well.

  • Sigma F70 Concealer Brush is small and slim which makes it so easy and safe to use around the eyes! It is a really smooth brush, so applying product in any area leaves it flawless.
  • The Crown Eyeshadow Brush is surprisingly great for cream products! If you’re looking for a brush that will distribute and blend cream highlight and contour, don’t be afraid to try an eyeshadow brush!

Which Brush To Use3.png


Powder brushes are my favourite! If I could make my bed out of powder brushes, I would! I’m also all for using the same brush for multiple purposes and powder brushes are super versatile. My favourites are:

  • Real Techniques Bold Metals 300 Tapered Blush Brush. This brush is so beautiful to look at and just as beautiful to use! The hairs are soft which makes it so relaxing to use. The Bold Metals range are designed to be heavier than a normal brush in order to provide more control. I love baking with this brush because it holds the powder well and doesn’t make a mess.

Which Brush To Use4.png

Eyeshadow Brushes:

I won’t talk about all of the brushes shown below, but they’re all definite staples in my kit.

  • I cannot live without my MAC 286 Duo Fibre Blending Brush! It is my go-to for blending on all eyes shapes and looks! The duo fibres make your job 10x easier and you’re guaranteed a beautiful blended masterpiece!
  • The Zoeva Soft Definer 227 and Sigma E25 Shader Brush are beautiful brushes for an even application of shadow over the lid and into the crease. They make the job of distribution so easy, plus their size makes them versatile for all shapes and looks!
  • The Limelily Bullet Brush is my fave! Bullet brushes are so handy to have in your kit. They’re ideal for smudging under the eyes, applying precise lines and in the crease. They’re great for smokey eyes as well!

Which Brush To Use5.png

Eyeliner Brushes:

Eyeliner brushes come in varying thicknesses and can be both firm or super soft.

  • The Zoeva 317 Winged Liner is the perfect size and shape for winged liner. I love, love, love this brush and how firm it is. It allows me to have full control over what I’m doing. I also have no trouble doing my brows with it either because it’s so thin. You can achieve precise lines and a sharp wing to kill!

Which Brush To Use6.jpg

What do you think of Zora’s top brushes? Let us know your holy grail brushes to use in the comments below!


Image Credit: Sigma Beauty

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